Freebie: November 2018 Quick-View Lunar Calendar

So many of you enjoyed the October calendar freebie that I’m offering one for November. It’s a sample of the 2019 Quick-View calendar that will be available within the next week.

I’ve made a few changes from October’s calendar that I think make it even better. A monthly calendar has been added in the upper right hand corner with the dates  for the New and Full Moons highlighted. The Full Moon name is noted in the lower right corner, and there’s a place for your New Moon wishes. Other features include:

  1. The Moon signs are sorted by sign. Need to know when the Moon is in Gemini this month? Go to the Gemini column and read down. The dates are listed and the time of ingress is noted below the dates. Ingress is the time that the Moon changes signs.
  2. The Void of course table is clearly displayed, as are the Moon phases, also with time of ingress.
  3. Major events have their own table with the Moon signs noted.
  4. Themes for the New Moon’s sign are listed next to a space for your New Moon wishes.

If you’re looking for a specific sign/phase time for magickal workings, they’re easy to find in the sign and phase tables.

Note that astronomical Samhain is on November 7th this year, same day as the New Moon. Astronomical Samhain is when the Sun reaches 15º of Scorpio. If you love this holiday, it’s not over on October 31st.

Here’s how the Moon Signs table works: When does the Moon move into Leo? Go to the Leo column and note the first date, then the time. In this example, the Moon is in Leo twice this month. The first time is on the 1-2. Since there is no time listed below the dates, the Moon entered Leo during October and was still in Leo when the month of November began.

The second time the Moon is in Leo is from the 27-29. The time below the dates lets us know that the Moon entered Leo at 3:05am  (ET) on the 27th. The squares are colored blue, letting us know that the Moon is waning. If we go to the Phases table, we can see that the Moon was in the Last Quarter phase on the days the Moon is first in Leo (Nov 1-2) and in the Disseminating phase at the end of the month.

I hope you enjoy the calendar and find it helpful.

Happy November!

Coming in November

Watch for the announcement that the 2019 Quick-View calendar is available for purchase. It has even more features than the monthly calendars.

It’s a super addition to your 2019 journal or as a quick reference in your BOS.

Want to see your natal Moon sign days all in one handy calendar?
Order a Moon Days Calendar for 2019 just for your Moon sign.
They’ll be available within the next week, too.

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