Sun in Scorpio ~ Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo October 30 @ 10:42p (ET)
through November 2, 1:47p

“Are you a good witch or a bad witch?”
~ Glenda, The Wizard of Oz

The pairing of Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Leo blends the realms of Apollo, the Sun god, and Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, into a movie star that abhors the spotlight while loving the camera. This pair has the unparalleled ability to bring light into the darkness, lifting the spirits of those in their charge and whom they adore. The heart is generous and knows no limit to giving to those they love. This duo combines two fixed signs that can be extremely devoted and, once enchanted, will relish and nourish the spell they are under. Likewise, if challenged or repelled, they are not likely to find the benefit of negotiation or sharing a throne.

Current Moon Phase

Moon phase changes to Last Quarter on Oct. 31, 11:40a (ET)