Taurus Lunation, the Crescent Phase

The Moon in Gemini sextiles Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, as the Crescent Phase begins. Any doubts that popped up under yesterday’s stressful but lively lunar aspects have a really good chance of being sorted out now.

The Aspects

The Crescent Phase tells us to trust our instincts. Instincts can be based on past experiences, so take advantage of the Mercury retrograde to look closely at what may be driving you.

Crescent Phase 2017
April 29th, 12:57pm –
May 2nd, 10:47pm EDT

24°Gemini – 12°Leo

We get another big insightful boost from the Moon’s sextile to Uranus today. Light bulbs can go off over our heads. Ideas can spring up out of anywhere. It’s still best to take a close look under the retrograde Mercury.

Before the Moon enters Cancer tonight (April 29th, 9:49pm EDT), she opposes Saturn in Sagittarius. Moods can sour or the blues can take hold.

Sunday, the 30th, is a pretty good day for the Cancer Moon as she sextiles the Taurus Sun and trines Neptune in Pisces. Aspects are mostly positive through her entrance into Leo and the First Quarter.

Working with the Phase

The phase begins with Gemini, moves into Cancer, and ends with Leo. One of the ways I suggest  working with Daily Intentions in the New Moon workbooks is to use the signs’ mottoes as a basis for forming intentions. The progression for Gemini, Cancer, Leo is I Think, I Feel, I Will.

Here are some questions for working with your Daily Intentions:

  • Gemini: Consider what you want from this phase. Do you have the facts? Do you need to learn more about your goal? What does past experience tell you?
  • Cancer: How do you feel about your current circumstances and the course you’ve plotted for this lunation? Are you running on instinct? Does your family play a role? Is your home a consideration at this time?
  • Leo: As you prepare to take action during the First Quarter, what are you resolved to accomplish? Do you have the energy to get going? Are you confident?








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