07-Libra and Venus, New Moon Tools

Moon in Libra ~ Tools for the Time

The Libra Moon is with us until January 19th, 5:11pm ET. The focus is on balance, beauty, justice, and partnerships.


Just as Virgo had to clean up after Leo’s party, Libra comes along after the clean-up is finished and adds some adornment the the newly sparkling environment. Beauty is her focus. What’s beautiful to one of us may be absolutely hideous to another, so keep in mind that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

The Libra Moon has a rough go of it today with harsh aspects from critical Mercury. Tomorrow, the 18th, she has to deal with secretive Pluto and and erratic Uranus.

January 19th is a better day with supportive aspects from expansive Jupiter and stabilizing Saturn. She also ushers the Sun out of Capricorn and into Aquarius on the 19th. This will bring improved  balance to the current elemental makeup which is predominately water and earth.

Some of the symbols associated with Libra are the scales, naturally, as well as the gavel and level. I really like the level as a symbol because just the tiniest little tilt will send that air bubble out of bounds. That little air bubble is the key to a level and sturdy foundation.

Beauty, flowers, and makeup are all very feminine Libra symbols.

The stones are rose quartz to increase love, blue lace agate to ease the stress of Libra’s mental focus, and—one of my favorites—the desert rose. Sometimes called the sand rose because they are found in very dry, desert conditions, each beautiful stone is said to contain a guardian spirit. They are protective stones for use when you need to increase your level of self-worth. They are also good stones to keep nearby to call forth creativity. Don’t clean your desert roses with water. Leave them in the moonlight instead. Or smudge them.

The Empress tarot card is the card of Venus, Libra’s ruling planet. I think of her as The Creatrix because she is never at a loss for bringing forth new ideas and new creations.

If you’d like to know more about the symbolism of Libra, download the Libra Cheat Sheet.







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