Moon in Virgo ~ Tools for the Time

The Moon passes through Virgo today and tomorrow, entering Libra at 6:17am ET on Tuesday, the 17th.  We’re in the Disseminating Phase, a time for sharing what we’ve learned with others.


We always have to clean up after a party, which is sort of like Virgo following Leo in the zodiac. Leo is all about fun and partying. Virgo tackles the mess that comes after. The soap bubbles and sponge in the pic represent Virgo’s need for cleanliness.

Order and precision are two more Virgo traits which can be seen in the stacked wood. It’s also in the corrected and edited paper in the lower left corner. We can tap into that energy today, the 15th, with the help of the Virgo Moon’s trine to Mercury in Capricorn. That aspect will be with us most of the day, giving a boost to clarity sought about important issues or expressing clearly and succinctly how we feeling about something.

That clarity clouds a bit this evening as the Moon opposes both Venus and Neptune in Pisces.

Tomorrow morning, the 16th, Pluto in Capricorn teams with the Virgo Moon to reinstate any confidence that may have been shrouded in the Pisces fog. Surety returns. Lunar energy is fleeting, however, and we encounter yet another change as the Moon comes into difficult aspects with Mars and Saturn during the afternoon and evening of the 16th. Slow down, stay focused, and keep negativity at bay.

I’ve chosen two symbols for Virgo as the sign associated health and healing—the bloodstone and the little dog.

Bloodstone, sometimes called the nurse’s stone, is a healing stone as well as a stone of focus. The AORA Gemstone Oracle designates it as a touchstone, able to ground us and deflect negativity.

In the photo of the little dog with the collar there are two very important symbols of Virgo. The first is Virgo’s association with small animals and pets. The second symbol is only implied—Virgo’s association with veterinarians. Whatever would we do with these very important healers?

The white rose alludes to Virgo’s purity.

The Knight of Pentacles, associated with Virgo, depicts Virgo’s kinship with the earth, her stewardship of it, and the attention to detail that is necessary for growth and sustainability. This is the hardest working card in the deck, followed closely by the 8 of Pentacles which is also a Virgo card.

If you’d like to know more about the symbolism of Virgo, download the Virgo Cheat Sheet.

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  1. Coyote from Orion says:

    Leaving Virgo around now. 4th house for me. Some funny stuff visiting the mother yesterday. All that security stuff is amusing me a bit lately. Not getting heard yet I don’t mind because I am ok

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