Sagittarius Lunation: The New Phase

Each month we note the moment when the Moon is in exact alignment with her consort, the Sun. We make our New Moon wishes, write down our dreams, and then wait for the magic to happen. But what if we miss that exact moment? Are we out of luck? Absolutely not! We can use the entire New Phase to begin our journey.

We have two things to work with: the New Moon and the New Moon Phase. The New Moon is really only a moment in time, making it near impossible to schedule our rituals to coincide at that exact moment.

It’s okay. We have the New Phase at our disposal.

The New Phase lasts until December 3, 8:35am ET giving us plenty of time to begin our New Moon journey. The Moon will change signs during this phase, and I do like to make my New Moon connection while the Moon is still in the same sign as the New Moon. If it’s not, carry on anyway. It’s the intention, the dream that matters.

The Moon is in Sagittarius through December 1st, 3:53am ET. She trines Uranus in Aries this morning (11/30) giving us lots of emotional energy to jump right into our plans, get a fast start, and make some progress. Invention and doing it our own way are on our side. Tonight, she’ll hook up with Mercury in Sagittarius adding mental fuel to our New Moon wishes. If you haven’t written down your intentions or dreams yet, this is a good time to do so.

The Moon enters Capricorn in the wee hours of Thursday morning on December 1st. A level of seriousness is added to the New Phase. It’s a good time for laying out actual plans on how to attain your goals during the coming four weeks. Practicality and responsibility are the keys to Capricorn days.

Late Thursday night, the Moon is sextile Neptune in Pisces. Play your hunches during this period, make a spiritual contract with yourself. Even though the Moon has moved from visionary Sagittarius to grounded Capricorn, this is a moment when we can tune into the magic of the Moon. Neptune casts the spell but it’s up to you to fall under it or not.

Tool for the Phase: Plan Ahead


It’s not too late to begin your New Moon journey. Sagittarius gives us vision, adventure, and humor to begin our quest. Capricorn gives us the desire to accomplish our goal, even pointing out ways we might fail. Hey, that’s good info! It allows us to anticipate snares and misdirections that might lie ahead of us.

In addition to daily intentions, write an intention for the entire New Phase. What do you want to accomplish by December 3rd? What distractions or traps do you anticipate? Lay it out in front of you. It could be nothing more than two days of bad weather that limits your ability to run an errand. That errand might have a huge impact on how you start your journey. Anticipate and avoid the pitfalls.

Plan Ahead image via Flickr

It’s not too late to Connect Daily with Your New Moon Dream!

sagittarius-lunation-coverIt’s easy to get sidetracked and forget about our New Moon wishes. Setting intentions is easy. Sticking to them may not be. “I intended to . . .”

The Manifesting New Moon Dreams work book for Sagittarius can help you connect with your dreams and wishes every single day. Setting a daily intention based on the Moon’s phase and daily zodiac sign, you’ll stay focused on your original vision. If you have a habit of setting an intention ~ and also a habit of not sticking with it ~ this workbook should help you stay on track.


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