The Lunar Home and Garden Guide to Signs and Seasons, Summer 2013

If you’ve ever tried gardening by the Moon, you may have discovered you needed several different reference books. Most almanacs use the constellations rather than the zodiac signs in their daily listings, so you’d need something to convert the constellations to the Moon signs you read about in astrology books and magazines. If you’re relying on your favorite astrology blogger for the daily Moon sign, you need a calendar that shows the lunar phases for the month. Who’s right? Your almanac or your astrologer?

Moon signs don’t change magically at midnight. How can you be sure when the Moon changes from one sign to another? Is a time zone the same as a hardiness zone? Is parsley a plant of the Sun or Mercury?

Since I’m an old hand at gardening by the Moon, I’ve created a month-by-month guide for the 2013 summer season ~ every day from the summer solstice through the autumnal equinox ~ which covers:

  • The fertility of each sign and whether it’s a 1, 2, or 3 Moon day
  • Root, leaf, flower and fruit days
  • Dates for each Moon sign and its related gardening activities
  • Gardening duties for when the Moon is waxing or waning
  • Bringing the Moon Indoors ~ Home and self-care tips based on my personal experience of tracking the astrological Moon for many years

Each Moon sign has a page devoted to it that has all the above info on it. There’s no flipping back and forth or through various reference materials. I’ve put it all in one place for you.

LH&G2Since this is the summer guide, Cancer, Leo and Virgo are highlighted with:

  • The astrological characteristics of each sign
  • The Cancer, Leo, and Virgo garden
  • Lists of plants associated with each summer sign, with a recipe using one of their herbs or veggies
  • Suggested activities and projects for the New Moon in each of the three summer signs

There are also checklists for your garden, home, and self-care for the summer months and other good stuff, too, like the annual cycle of waxing and waning Moons.

One of my favorite things about this guide is that the times the Moon is in a sign are all on one page. You can see at a glance all the opportunities to garden during each sign throughout the season.

Waxing Virgo Moon

July 11, 6:12pm – July 14, 3:40am
August 7, 11:58pm – August 10, 9:08am
September 5, 7:31am – September 6, 3:13pm

Waning Virgo Moon

September 4, 6:45am – September 5, 7:29am

See how the Moon went from waning to waxing in September? It’s all laid out for you.

If you’re new to gardening with the Moon, this guide will be a great aid to you through the summer months. If you’ve been gardening with the Moon for a while, you’ll love the ease of finding everything you need in one place.


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