New Moon in Capricorn in the Houses

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are in the same degree. This is very important in astrology as it points to an area of the natal chart that will likely receive attention within the next four weeks. The Sun highlights an issue or two and the Moon indicates how we are likely to respond to those issues emotionally.

When the moon is new in Capricorn, handle its house issues in a cautious and responsible manner. Cautious, not fearful.  Other ways we might respond during this period include:

Cautiously Responsibly
Seriously Forcefully
Ambitiously Reliably
Respectfully Commanding
Dutifully Persistently
Wittily Self-relia ntly

First House
Your Appearance, Your Body
The Impression You Make On Others

The New Moon in the first house always shines a spotlight on your appearance and, perhaps, some health issues. Does your appearance live up to the commanding presence you are more than capable of projecting? This is a good time to take a good, close look at your clothes and make sure everything is in top-notch shape. Are you dressed for success? Always be seen at your best when the New Moon is in the first. Capricorn and Saturn rule the knees, skin, bones, and joints. Pay attention to these areas. New Moons represent beginnings. The New Moon bringing attention to our appearance makes this a good time to buy new clothes, get a make-over, or start a strength training exercise program. Check out Capricorn Spa Day for some good pampering tips.

Second House
Money, Possessions

The second is an earth house, so sister earth sign Capricorn is comfortable here. There’s an innate knowing of how to make and Capricornmanage money. A New Moon in this house brings attention to your net worth, as well as your valuable possessions. If your Sun is in Capricorn, a New Moon here may have you thinking about your self-worth. (If your Sun is another house, a New Moon in that house will indicate self-worth.)

A New Moon here indicates time well spent on managing budgets, bank accounts, and income. Capricorn can equate money with personal worth, but they are not the same thing. As Suze Orman says, “People first. Then money, then things.” How can you become more financially self-reliant with this New Moon?

Third House
Education, Communications, Brothers and Sisters
Your Neighborhood

You may be called upon to take a lead or authoritarian/guardianship role within your family or community. This is not the time to be lax with your correspondence, including your snail mail. Don’t procrastinate. Capricorn here indicates a serious mind. Apply yourself to whatever you may be studying at this time, whether in class or on your own. Being studious can pay off in the long run and bring you a lot of joy. Capricorn has a wonderful sense of humor. Use it to your advantage with the New Moon in Cap. This is a wonderful time to work on expressing yourself clearly. Joining Toastmasters or taking a public speaking class could be very beneficial if you’re uncomfortable speaking publicly.

Fourth House
Your Home, Mother, Memories, The Private You

Your home is your castle, literally. How’s your curb appeal? Even in the winter, you can make improvements or meet with contractors or landscapers. Cap is very security conscious, so it’s a good time to inspect alarm systems and locks on your windows and doors. On a more personal level, you may be hungry for the love and emotional support that you lacked in childhood. Let the New Moon in Cap help you build solid familial relationships. You are worthy. It’s not about “curb appeal” when it comes to family. It’s what’s inside that counts. Cap in the 4th can make you a bit of a hermit. Are you getting out enough or isolating?

Fifth House
Children, Sports, Romance, Creativity

Cap here indicates a serious approach to fun. That’s okay, to a degree. Go past that degree, and it isn’t fun anymore. The New Moon here can highlight issues that arise with disciplining children. A new activity taken up during the Cap New Moon could become a hobby—taking up bridge, bird watching, joining a mahjong group or bowling league, for example. Whatever brings you pleasure. It might also indicate mentoring to younger people or by an older person. Coaching a little league team can be a great way to train young people for success, not only in sports but in life. How can you help?

Sixth House
Daily Routines, Work, Diet, Service

With Cap in the sixth, you definitely know how to organize. It’s not just organizing a big mess, though. It’s the instinctive knowledge of paring down to keep it simple. You have a real knack for this. If there’s a big mess somewhere, this is a fantastic time to tackle it. Issues may arise at work during this New Moon period. Cap is able to remain calm in stressful situations and respond in a way that makes everyone a winner. Like the first house, the sixth is also a house of health. It’s important to know your boundaries when it comes to diet and health. Stay on track without being too restrictive.

Seventh House
Important, Long-Term Relationships

The Constellation Capricorn
The Constellation Capricorn

The New Cap Moon in the seventh may throw some light on the boundaries in your close relationships. It can also ask that you take a close look at who is building the walls within those relationships. You or them? Emotions can be hard for you to deal with, but they’re the key to the heart. Who’s knocking at your door? Are you pushing them away or pulling them closer?

Eighth House
Sex, Taxes, Loans, Intimacy, In-Laws, Death

What and who do you owe? Capricorn doesn’t want to be indebted to anyone. Business ethics are extremely important to you. If issues arise regarding ethics, address them immediately and forcefully. Your reputation is at stake. Start working on your taxes during this auspicious time. Issues of intimacy may pop up with the New Moon in the eighth. You don’t have to let it all hang out, but shedding some inhibitions may enhance your intimate relationships.

Ninth House
College, Continuing Education, Travel, Religion, Philosophy

Your views and opinions could be challenged during this New Moon. It’s important to be respectful of the opinions of others. Capricorn on the ninth prefers a conservative leadership role in business, church, or social groups. Guard against being too austere. Don’t forget that we lead by serving.  Heavy is the head that wears a crown.

Tenth House
Career, The Public You, Father, Big Government

The tenth house is Capricorn’s home base. This is the house of achievement and success in the world. Your career status may be highlighted with this New Moon. It could indicate a promotion or some other form of public recognition. Capricorn likes to be in charge, so your credibility or authority may come under some scrutiny during this period. Your past dedicated, impeccable, hard work gives you the credibility you deserve. There’s a chance for a payoff now.

Eleventh House
Friends, Your Hopes For The Future, Social Networks

The New Moon in the eleventh house can bring opportunities for networking. Cap is excellent at working solo, but no man is an island as they say. This New Moon is an auspicious one for finding opportunities to mingle with others who share your interests. New information and more business contacts can help you achieve your goals. Finding yourself in a leadership position in your social or networking groups is a possibility now.

Twelfth House
Ideals, Spirituality, Dreamtime, Ways of Escape

Ways of escaping your responsibilities may come to the fore with the Cap New Moon in the twelfth. Put another way, how you’ve avoided those responsibilities may be brought to your attention. The New Moon here gives you an opportunity to overcome ways in which you’ve been lax. You can own up now. By doing so, self-respect increases. It’s a spiritual process, really. Think of it as spiritual responsibility, as well as spiritual duty.

6 thoughts on “New Moon in Capricorn in the Houses

  1. Nice work on the New Moon’s houses, CJ. Mine is in the 6th, and after 6 weeks of doing nothing vut read and watch tv due to exhaustion, in the last couple of days I am back to work on my book. Donna Cunningham

    1. Thanks, Donna. I appreciate that a lot. With that Cap New Moon in the 6th, it would be awesome to get to watch you “getter done.”

  2. Hi Cj..I gave up New Years resolutions a long time ago, but this year I did make a couple of ‘goals’ to get myself out of lethargy and apathy: have my hair cut short to suit a more outdoor lifestyle and to contend with very unusual (for the UK!) continuing windy and wet weather; also to start packing away small items ‘not needed on voyage’ pending a move of home, which I have dithered about for some time – this Cappy New Moon falls smack bang in my 1st House – my hair is now short and choppy (‘messy’ but structured too!)..whether it’s windy or wet or pleasantly calm I shall look no different!!! 3 small boxes of oddments have been packed away in readiness…Saturn in Libra has taught me well about preparation and sticking with it..great post as usual!

    1. You picked up on another Cap keyword ~ efficient. I hope you enjoy your new do. I love the ease of short hair.

  3. 1st house for me opposite venus natal in the 7th and the moons node in 2nd house pisces…I have faith something good is coming..I’m ready!

    1. Faith always help, Kaz. It opens us to the possibility. Happy New Moon.

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