Capricorn Stones for Well-Being

My fave piece: smokey quartz and bright orange...

The primary stone of Capricorn is the garnet, so now’s the time to pull out your garnet jewelry and put it to good use. Good things to focus on with Capricorn stones are authority, responsibility, and success, and our relationship to those qualities.

Authority: the power to determine, adjudicate, or otherwise settle issues or disputes; jurisdiction; the right to control, command, or determine. 

Hmmm. That’s a sticky one, huh? It can be a bit too intoxicating for some and repulsive for others.

My favorite quote on authority came from my high school drama teacher. She always reminded us to “Walk in with authority” when making an entrance. To tell you the truth, it works in real life a lot, too. Find your authority. You don’t have to pull up your Inner Bully to exercise it. Just find it.

The pictured stones are in my personal collection, but they’re not the only stones suitable for Capricorn or Saturn. You’ll find various stones mentioned by different websites and authors of crystal books. I guess it just goes to prove that nothing is written in stone. 😉

Stones of Capricorn ~ Green aventurine, calcite, leopardskin jasper, dalmation jasper

Stones associated with Capricorn’s colors of navy blue and black can work just as well. I subscribe to the school of personal symbolism ~ if it has meaning for you personally, it can help.

I’ve come across the following meanings for the stones in my Cap collection:

  • Dalmation Jasper ~ for lessons in disillusionment, encourages grounding, to ease a sense of fear
  • Green Aventurine ~ ease in changing careers, increases independence
  • Calcite ~ an excellent stone for grounding
  • Leopardskin Jasper ~ to ease inclinations toward being judgemental

What stones do you associate with Capricorn qualities?

10 thoughts on “Capricorn Stones for Well-Being

  1. Funny I have Capricorn Midheaven and have always loved garnets… for a very cap reason… because theysre cheaper than a ruby and I love red stones. Ps have you ever seen them in their crystalline form?

    1. I love ’em, too, mimi. I haven’t seen them in their crystalline form which is why I picked that picture. I’d love seeing that, though. Gorgeous, huh?

  2. I too have a Capricorn Midheaven with Pluto transiting exact today, and coincidentally purchased a garnet for “protection” not knowing the connection to Capricorn until today. I am not sure how to use stones, but just feel the need to be more grounded by holding it.

    1. You’re intuition led you to that stone, Martisa. Garnets can be used to help attain your goals and lift you into a positive attitude, while preventing fear or insecurity. You were drawn to that stone for a reason. 🙂

      Garnets help to get rid of useless or old ideas from your life and move you forward. (Pluto on your MC) Garnets are considered very lucky stones in love and the attainment of goals (Capricorn). Wonderful stones to encourage success in business, they are sometimes called the executive’s stone ~ Capricorn again, with some Pluto thrown in for fun.

      The Garnet has a very special quality to aid you through this phase ~ the ability to decrease willfulness.

      Enjoy your garnet, Martisa.

      1. My husband has also been sending me the message to jettison that which does not fit, such as that he is the enemy. That “willfulness” is draining energy that could be better used to obtain more worthy goals. Thank you for your thoughtful response and for reminding me that stones can be a form of support.

        1. You’re very welcome, Martisa. You know, I pulled a little Angel card this morning. They’re just words on a little card. The word was “willingness.” There’s something to ponder during this Capricorn phase, changing willfulness into willingness. 😉

  3. This is so interesting CJ! I believe that the very first piece of real jewelry I purchased was a pair of garnet earrings and I’ve loved garnet ever since. I am a Cancer, so I am wondering if we can sometimes use a stone to balance the opposite sign. Of course, the earth is in the opposite sign and degree when we’re born, so that would make a lot of sense. It seems like garnets are seldom found in jewelry stores now–don’t know if they’re getting rare or just too old fashioned. With Pluto in Capricorn, either could be true.

    My other favorite stone–and most valuable piece of jewelry–is opal, which is the stone for Libra. With Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aries, perhaps that fiery stone is to balance out both these fretful positions. Donna Cunningham

    PS. Love that gravitar!!

    1. I’m so glad you mentioned the Cancer/Capricorn polarity. I have a set of earrings and a pendant with garnets and iridescent moonstones. I’m Cancer, too, so my Earth is in Capricorn (great for grounding!). Also, my mom was a Capricorn, so I always think of this as my mother/daughter set. Here’s a pic. The photo is yellowish. I need better light.

      garnet and moonstones

  4. I just googled garnet and found this. The garnets I currently own are a necklace from Iran that looks exactly like a pomegranate. Donna

    The Latin root word for Garnet is Granatum, meaning pomegranate, thought to resemble the fruit’s seeds.
    There are several varieties in the Garnet family.

    Pyrope (bright red to dark brick-red), Rhodolite (pinkish-red), Almandine (deep violet-red), Spessartite (orange-pink to orange-red with brownish yellow), Spessartine (midway between almondine and spessartite), Hessonite (honey-yellow to yellow-brown), Grossular (light yellowish-green to strong bluish-green), and Anaradite (honey-yellow=trapazolite, green=demantoid, blackish-red to black=melanite).
    Garnets are available in all colors except pure Blue. In recent years there have been new finds and Gem Merchants may use pet names like Orange garnet and Mandarin garnet to describe them, but these are really in the Spessartite variety, just as Tsavorite is in the Grossular variety.

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