New Moon in Aries ~ Gateway to the New

Thinking about the New Moon in Aries has my heart pumping! There’s an excitement for this New Moon that feels really good. The heat is on!

With a major lineup of planets in Aries, the New Moon of April 3rd holds a lot of potential and concentrated wham! We’re looking at Mars, Uranus, Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury in the sign of fiery abandon. Keep in mind that our Sun is exalted in Aries ~ meaning that he has a really good time there. And Mars is at home in Aries, exactly conjunct Uranus. They are both at 1° Aries and it doesn’t get any more Aries than that. These are power players lined up at the gate, champing at the bit to get a move on. Let them help you.

If you’ve been anxious to start something new ~ whether it’s just a little project you’ve been kind of thinking about or something huge that you’re holding back on ~ this Moon is here to help put the pedal to the metal. New Moons have a month-long window of opportunity, so if you’re not out of the starting gate on the day of the New Moon, that’s okay. You don’t have to be the first one out of the gate, but act within a few days so the fire doesn’t dwindle and peter out. You want to see growth by the Full Moon on April 17th.

You can’t steal second if you don’t take your foot off first. ~ Mike Todd

That’s an old baseball quote that’s a perfect fit for this New Moon. If you’ve been deliberating a fresh start for a while, chances are good that this current Aries team can help catapult you into action. But you’ve got to take your foot off of first base.

Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck

The Growth card from the Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck really sums up all the good things this New Moon has to offer:

  • First, opportunity ~ that’s Jupiter’s territory. The New Moon is highlighting that opportunity.
  • Second, acceptance ~ can you say yes to the opportunity that Jupiter offers? Saturn’s territory is denial and rejection. There’s an opposition from Saturn to this New Moon and Jupiter, so he’ll tell you that it’s probably best if you just hold on a minute, don’t be so rash ~ but he just might talk you out of exactly what you need to do. Only you know the circumstances of your life. You have to weigh it for yourself and make a choice. Sometimes the choice is “No,” but that’s still a choice and we have to accept what we cannot change. Pluto is squaring this New Moon so there may be a struggle for change, but change can come. Whether you say yes or no to opportunities and changes, fully accept and own your decision.
  • Third, a gateway ~ an opening, a window, a way through. That’s Aries ~ the beginning, the fresh, the new.
  • Fourth, growth ~ No matter what awaits you with this exciting energy, grow with it. Even if Saturn wins this particular tug of war, there is always something to be gained. Find it.

8 thoughts on “New Moon in Aries ~ Gateway to the New

  1. Wow Cj,
    The Growth Card is such a beautiful compliment and attitude to embrace with the power coming available, and choosing is our Joker. Thanks so much for the metaphor of gateways on the New Moon. Our ancestors the Hawaiians were wayfinding navigators and we look forward to offering the translation of that wisdom for finding ways today. Mahalo for spreading the word.

    1. I’m so glad you like the Growth card, Mokihana. The Sprit of the Wheel is a gorgeous deck about the directions and moons of Native American culture. It’s stunning. Lunar symbolism is some of the richest we have with every culture to draw from. I’m really looking forward to the workshop and learning more about Hawaiian moon wisdom. See you Sunday!

      1. I was just reading your other post about new moon in aries, and in the ritual, while you say light a flame and givit it a name, the word growth just came…so wonderful to find it right after. All the best tou you all with this new energy flowing!

  2. A question – Mercury just went Rx in Aries – these are usually periods of doing those things that begin with “re-” rather than starting new things, since those new things tend not to pan out after the Rx period. Wouldn’t this be more like having one foot on the brake while having the other on the gas (New Moon)? Or does the intensity of the full speed ahead energy of all those planets in Aries have a trumping power over the Mercury Rx?

    1. Normally, I’d say yes to holding new starts during Mercury Rx periods just to be sure, but there is just so much power in Aries now. Think about things that are related to Mercury ~ communication, signing new contracts, buying telecommunication equipment. Other activities that don’t fall under Mercury’s dominion are standing strong with this line-up of planets. A do-over for some details may come up, but I’d pit Mars/Uranus/Moon/Sun/Jup against a Merc Rx anyday. Of course, I could be dead wrong.

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