Show Me Your Saturn and I’ll Show You a New Year’s Resolution You’ll HAVE to Keep

Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for the past and fear of the future. ~ Fulton Oursler

A lot of us  can identify with that quote ~ especially as it relates to Saturn’s placement in our charts, natally or by transit. When it comes to resolutions, many of them are born of regret or fear. Then why are they so short-lived? Is there a way to give them more endurance?

Natal Saturn shows us what we deal with through a lifetime of lessons. Transiting Saturn shows us what we’re dealing with for a 2½ year moment. By house, it lodges itself in a part of your life that’s very likely to receive stress in some way. If you’re looking for a New Year’s Resolution, you have to look no farther than transiting Saturn.

Here’s the set up for Saturn in Libra, which we’re all experiencing now:

  • Libra = Balance, Relationship
  • Saturn = Growth through Restriction, Maturation

Whichever house transiting Saturn is visiting in your chart is a great starting point for your resolutions. Why? Because Saturn insists that you take action in that part of your life and bring it to a successful close. Isn’t that what most resolutions are about ~ successfully ridding ourselves of something that we dub “bad?” Even if we’ve made a resolution to do good, be better in some part of our lives, that resolution implies that we’ve failed in the past ~ or that we haven’t done a good enough job. That sounds like Saturn to me.

If you don’t address the issues of transiting Saturn in your chart, you are setting yourself up for heavier burdens, recurring stress, and ultimate failure. It’s not pretty, but it’s true.

Even the word “resolution” works out numerologically to a 4, which I associate with Saturn. 4’s are about organizing, stabilizing, working hard, and slow, steady growth. I’ll never understand why most numerologists associate the number 4 with Uranus. What are they thinking?! If it looks like Saturn and quacks like Saturn, it’s Saturn!

Typical Resolutions and House Associations

Here are the most popular New Year’s Resolutions from (The houses in parentheses are my notes.)

From Wikimedia Commons
  1. Drink Less Alcohol (12th)
  2. Get a Better Education (3rd/9th)
  3. Get a Better Job (6th/10th)
  4. Get Fit (1st/6th/12th)
  5. Lose Weight (1st)
  6. Manage Debt (8th)
  7. Manage Stress (all house polarities)
  8. Quit Smoking Now (3rd)
  9. Save Money (2nd)
  10. Take a Trip (9th)
  11. Volunteer to Help Others (6th/12th)

43 Things lists these resolutions for 2011 in addition to those in the first list. (The house numbers are mine again.)

  1. Be happy (5th)
  2. Fall in love (5th)
  3. Move out (4th)
  4. Get married (7th)

Other than “move out,” these seem more like wishes to me and not resolutions. I’m not sure how you can make yourself fall in love or what the odds are of getting married if you’re not involved with someone. Wishes don’t come true unless you put some elbow grease into them. Have you ever been able to make yourself fall in love with someone or make someone marry you, shotgun weddings not included?

Falling in love is about physical chemistry with the infatuation period lasting about 2½ years ~ the length of time for a typical Saturn transit. After the 2½ year honeymoon, most couples have to get down to the business of loving each other ~ past the chemistry and hormones. If you don’t love the warts, too, you never really loved at all.

From Wikimedia Commons

Be happy. How? There are gazillions of books on the topic. This old resolution post card sums them all up nicely and even it says “try to.” Saturn’s lecture notes on the postcard would be, “Don’t try, do.”

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common resolutions to see what the chances of success might be:

Lose Weight

One of the highest ranking resolutions is to lose weight or go on a diet. What are your chances of success with this? If Saturn is aspecting your Ascendant by conjunction, square, or opposition, you’re in luck. You almost don’t have to diet ~ you’ll just stop eating as much. Saturn has a “wasting” effect when it comes to the physical body. Skinny is a Saturn word.

For those of us without Saturn on the Ascendant, we have to learn to do something very, very difficult. After the transit passes and we have a new skinny wardrobe, we have to embrace hunger or the weight is likely to come back. This is why diets don’t work. It’s not a diet ~ its a change of lifestyle. It’s growth through restriction ~ maturation ~ no matter what your resolution may be.

If you’ve dropped the weight during a Saturn transit to the Ascendant and watched it aggressively return, you haven’t learned Saturn’s lesson. You have to balance your relationship (Libra) with food ~ less food. Jupiter has a track record of following Saturn around the wheel and will delightfully pile the pounds back on if you’re not on high alert.

If you’re an emotional eater, you might benefit from these two books: A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson and Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth.

Get Out of Debt

If Saturn is transiting your 8th, this is the spot to focus on. Is the IRS on your heels? Are you being dunned by creditors? Get it together now! Saturn is here to help you do it, but he will bankrupt you if you don’t get on the ball immediately. Just like losing weight, we once again have to embrace hunger, but this time it’s hunger to save. You have to skinny up your expenses. Surprises will pop up. (Uranus is heading toward opposite Aries and there’s nothing he loves better than a good surprise.)

Drink Less Alcohol

This is obviously a 12th house issue, with all the “self-undoing” the 12th house has going for it. Include all substance abuses in this category ~ all drugs, prescription or recreational. Longterm abuse simply must end. Again, we have to embrace hunger ~ a hunger for reality.

Quit Smoking

If you have strong third house placements and you’re a smoker, this is an important resolution to make ~ even if you don’t have Libra on the third. Why? One reason is because this house is Gemini’s and Gemini rules the lungs. Embrace a hunger for breath.

Spend More Time with Family (or Loved Ones)

This resolution isn’t on either of the above lists but shows up frequently ~ especially for workaholics. There’s a song title that sums up that resolution beautifully ~ Too Much Saturn and Not Enough Moon. The song isn’t about workaholics, but the thought is certainly apropos for Saturn through the 4th house of family, the 5th house of children and lovers, the 7th of marriage or life partners, and the 11th house of friends. The people in your “circle of trust” are the ones who deserve your attention. If you need to pare that circle down, Saturn will help you get rid of the bad seeds. Embrace a hunger for giving good love.

Resolutions by House

If you need a refresher on house meanings, download this. It’s a blank chart with a wide variety of meanings for each of the houses. Find the house in your chart with Libra on the cusp and look at the topics listed. Chances are good that you can find a resolution based on those meanings.

Be diligent with the issues associated with Libra’s house for your 2011 resolutions. Saturn will be in Libra until early October 2012. That’s almost two years to conquer a Saturn issue, to embrace the hunger and become proficient in this area of your life. You can do it. The teacher is watching and, if you work with him and embrace him, he will bring you lasting success.

Where’s your Saturn and what’s your resolution?

The Wikipedia article on New Year’s Resolutions says, “women succeeded 10% more when they made their goals public and got support from their friends.”

Would you like to make a goal public? Use the comments section to take a first step.


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Note: The quote at the top of the post is by Fulton Oursler. You may not recognize his name, but you’re probably familiar with his work as an author. He wrote the  books that two very well-known movies are based on. Those movies are Boys Town and The Greatest Story Ever Told.


28 thoughts on “Show Me Your Saturn and I’ll Show You a New Year’s Resolution You’ll HAVE to Keep

  1. Do we look at the natal placement/house for Saturn alone? Or at its current transiting planets that are making aspects as well?

    How about considering Rx Saturns in a resolution?

    1. The house of transiting Saturn is usually enough to pinpoint an issue, especially if you aren’t on top of that house’s issues. Aspects from other planets will give you more detail. If Saturn aspects a planet, the issue will intensify according to the nature of that planet. When Saturn retrogrades over a sensitive point and then moves forward again over the same point, the issue will also intensify.

      Essentially, Saturn will have 3 hits on a sensitive point: first transit, retrograde, and then the second pass.

  2. I loved the resolutions by Bishop Vance and the flashing ones, because they are goals for how to live a peaceful life, and they are renewable each day.

    I usually make a list of things I want to accomplish in the course of the new year, and then I put it away in one of my “piles” and forget about it. I’ve always been such a driven person that when I come across the list 8-9 months later, I’ve done most of it already.

    In January, 2009, for the very first time since my 20s, I did not make a list, as I’m retired and want to learn how not to be so driven. My one resolution was that in 2009 I was going to NOT write a book. (Since the 1970s, I have ALWAYS had books lined up to be written.) It took me all of 2009, right down to the final days of the year, but sure enough, I did NOT write a book. I blogged instead and loved the freedom of just writing what I felt like writing, no outline, no structure.

    It felt so good that I made that my soul resolution for 2010 as well, NOT to write a book. Well, it’s coming down to the wire, just 4 days to go, but by golly, I think I’ll accomplish what I set out to do. This calls for champagne, or maybe even a salty frozen margarita to celebrate! Donna Cunningham

    1. One of my favorites from the flashing resolutions is #4 because it’s so very, very Saturn ~ Choose to perservere, rather than quit. It’s so easy to quit; sometimes we don’t even notice we’ve done it until we turn around and say to ourselves, “What the heck happened here?!”

      Congratulations on meeting your resolution 2 years in a row. Although…there’s always room on my shelf for more books from you. 😉 I’m raising a metaphorical glass of champagne to you right now. Margaritas to follow!

  3. I don’t normally make resolutions, just intentions (such a Libran excuse, I know !) And this coming year I intend to keep following my intuition, and to enjoy the journey, wherever it leads.

    I just pulled up my Wedding chart and realized that we have Survived our Solar Return 🙂
    Next week marks 3o years, and the event chart is so accurate, Saturn conjunct Jupiter at 9 Libra ! The bad, the good, the balance and the years together ! I must consult an emphemeris to see if we have another pass over that degree.

    May 2011 be a wonderful year for you and all your readers !

    1. Congratulations on surviving your Solar Return!
      I wonder if you could say a few more words on how you interpret the Saturn – Jupiter conjunction in Libra. As a matter of fact, I have such a placement in my natal chart in the 2nd house and it is a bit of a puzzle to me 🙂 How is it possible to put together ‘the bad, the good and the balance’ without the mixture going “Kaboom!!” at once?
      Thank you in advance 🙂

    2. Thank you, Belle, and a happy and prosperous New Year to you. And congratulations on 30 years together. There’s another reason to raise a glass.

  4. I have never made a New Year resolution. Now seems a good time to start 🙂


    There are two things I really, really want to accomplish in 2011. The first one is to learn web design (at least the basics :). The other is to balance my eating habits.

    Saturn is in my 3rd house now. Do I have the chance to keep them?

    1. Web design basics would fit the your 3rd house Libra, so that’s a good choice since it’s basic, beginning education. That puts Aries in your 9th, right? With Uranus (the web) passing through your 9th, you have another signature for advanced studies in that area. Also, independent study. Uranus takes 7 years to transit a sign. Where would you like to be in 7 years?

      OF COURSE you have a chance to keep them ~ IF you really want to keep them.

  5. My Natal Chart says Saturn in Virgo: 8th House and then I looked again and (oh no!) I also have Pluto in Leo do I take that as Saturn wanting me to get down to details about money (taken me 2 years to sort that…but done) with Pluto also wanting transformation on some deeper level, but with panache?? Oh..also have my favourite planet there too..Mercury in Virgo too.

    Added to 2011 being my One it ok if I just stick to what has become a personal mantra over the past few weeks “it’s all in the details..all in the details”.

    Seems this is also a second Saturn Return (as a Libran)..think the torch needs new batteries to find my way through it all…just a minor detail!

    *raises hand from back of class* “Please may I be excused resolutions this year?”

    1. It seems you picked the perfect mantra to get your 8th house money issues sorted out, Penny, and two years’ worth of time invested to do it seems like you “got it.” You know the saying, “The Devil is in the details”? Devil is just another word for Saturn.

  6. I don’t usually do New Year’s Resolutions but with Saturn in my 6th house and Jupiter about to conjunct my natal Jupiter in the 12th house, I need to continue to pursue physical activities that keep me healthy. For me it’s always been a problem since my favorite things have always been sedentary. Over the last few years I have managed to put bicycling into a higher spot in my life, using the bike for commuting and doing chores and having fun, but this time of year living in the far north as I do, it’s incredibly difficult. but anyway, enough whining. That’s it. Saturn, drag me along or run me over…

    1. It’s hard to bike in the snow, Mimi ~ or the freezing cold! Saturn will give you a pass on that, but expects a trade-off of some kind.

      As to resolutions, I don’t think of this year as being a New Years resolution. It’s more a life-style resolution. The second Saturn return is setting my mind straight on some important things and, as they say, “failure is not an option.”

  7. Could you tell me how or where to look to get this? My Saturn Libra 25°56’42 in house 7 direct

    according to your article it is getting married – would love too but as you said: you cannot force this when even not knowing the one to marry too

    1. Saturn transiting the 7th doesn’t promise marriage. If Saturn is transiting your 7th house, you have an opportunity to deepen an existing relationship. If you do meet someone while Saturn is transiting your 7th, you are given an opportunity to create a very long-lived relationship. Saturn rules time so it brings long life, but also trials. Any long lasting relationship will suffer many, many trials. We have to hang in there to build a sustainable relationship. If we’re looking for a fun affair but not a longterm commitment, look to easy transits through the 5th house instead of the 7th.

      Saturn can also signify the end of relationships as it travels through the 7th house. During that time, you have to know what you REALLY want, what you want to hold on to, and what you have to let go. The answers we receive during that transit might surprise us.

      1. thank you very much for your prompt answer. This saturn postion is from my birth horoscope and I lived in many relationsships pure for the issues of working through old karma. Your explaination makes sense to me. I still hope for a long-term relationsship that might stay ….thank you and have yourself a wonderful new years eve. ♥

  8. Great Post! It is fun to read about Saturn transits being something we can resolve upon. A Capricorn Sun myself, I had never thought about the lesson being similar to the New Years resolution. I currently have Saturn transiting though my 12th house and with the new year, it passes over my Asc – happy to say that I lost 24 pounds this summer and stopped drinking ( upgraded diet & relationship with food in general) Am just loving that text book feeling!

    1. Congratulations on engaging Saturn’s help with your health! That’s awesome. It’s so good to hear that you upgraded your relationship with food. That’s the key. It’s a must. Starting the New Year this way is fantastic. Congrats, again!

  9. Thank you auntie moon for your insight on Saturn and its role in our lives. Please check out my blog too! Peace be with you! Lala

    1. I’m looking for good tips on aging from you, Lala. Best to you with your new blog. ~ cj

    1. Those lists didn’t have anything specific to the 11th! A resolution that shows up a lot, but for some reason didn’t make the lists this year, is “spend more time with loved ones.” For me, that definitely includes my friends because I view them as my “real” family.” It’s an area of my chart where I know I’ve received a huge return on my investment. I’ve always felt I’ve received more than I’ve given in that area of my life. I’m extremely fortunate.

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