What do You Love about Astrology?

At some point in your astrological studies ~ how long ago? ~ something about astrology really clicked with you and you were hooked. What was it? What particular thing drew you in and had you coming back for more?

Was it the elements, the signs, a particular planet? Maybe you were drawn in by the aspects and how they explained your motivations and struggles or forecast changes in your life. Maybe it was an author, book, or branch of astrology. 

For me, it was the Moon. As a child, watching her while I was laying on the hood the car, her trek across the sky was pure romance and nostalgia. A feeling of peace crept over me and she felt like a life-long companion. As an adult, I came to understand that she meant the passage of time, a change of mood and sensation, and the marker of mood and activity. Oh, and that feeling of nostalgia. Memories. Oh yes, that, too. When I read Donna Cunningham’s Moon Signs, I was hooked ~ seriously hooked. “You can know all this just by the Moon? Good grief! What else is out there?,” I wondered. Apparently, a lot!

Lots of other astrological musings have held my attention for a while. But the Moon is my anchor, my first love. How about you? What drew you in and hooked you? What can’t you get enough of?

14 thoughts on “What do You Love about Astrology?

  1. I have been drawn to astrology as far back as I can remember. I was a little girl when I discovered it. But what REALLY did it for me was the time I sent for one of those really early print outs of daily transits for 6 months… My boy friend and i were on the rocks, and one day a coworker told me that they saw him out cheating on me. When I saw him again, I confronted him, and he said “Oh I thought you knew, I read it in your astrological transits!”


  2. Star-gazing and realising that everyone in the world could see what I could..how connected is that? But then I hit the teens and every girls’ magazine had..ahem…’horrorscopes’ and I really had a problem with friends who were both ‘Taurus’ but like chalk and cheese! On my doorstep, were my parents..both born on the same date but a year apart..chalk and cheese again..so began the Big Why??? to me, every planet has a ‘personality’ and I try to explain it to those who take the time to listen..its like they are the fairies at the christening and endowing the new baby/soul with certain attributes…goodness, I could fill pages of what astrology means to me…but I won’t!

    1. Thank you so much for mentioning that connection we all have to the night sky, Penny. I’d never thought of that, but yes! We can step outside and see the same things. At least, if we’re in the same hemisphere. I have an overwhelming desire to see the skies of the Southern Hemisphere and lots of fantasies of what that might be like.

  3. I also love looking at the Moon and Stars. Love the full Moon. I had some friends who were studying astrology and they got me interested. I always did identify with the Cancer personality, because I am Cancer sun and Cancer rising. I just wish I could learn a lot faster. I feel like you need to study constantly and I am not good at doing that anymore. 🙂

    1. Study is good, but sometimes observation is better. I love what you did a while back with your garage sale and gauging what personality types and actual sales occured with each sign. There’s a book in that topic all by itself.

  4. I had never given astrology two thoughts in a row until two years ago. I had embarked on a journey to get myself well and wondered if astrology had anything for me.

    My word, what a ride these last two years have been! Oh and yes, it has helped me understand myself and my health tremendously.

    1. Who’d a’thunk that it could have such bearing our on health, Parin? But it does. When I started learning about all the health connections, I was amazed. Astrology just goes deeper and deeper, further and further.

  5. My mother always planted by the moon, and being a keen gardener followed the moon’s cycles. I found this fascinating as a child and read further…..which led to an interest in astrology. I have found it a useful tool to help me understand myself and the bricks I have to work with! The moon shines through my bedroom window – onto my bed at night. I always have the curtains open so I can commune. I love the moon. (I am a Cancerian) I journal the moon’s influence through the houses in my chart daily. Useful aid to planning and trusting insights – and of course, in the garden.

    1. What luck, Jane, to have been exposed at such an early age and with practical, hands-on results. I was having a conversation just these past few days about being exposed to moonlight while we sleep and how it can help recalibrate our feminine cycles. Even men can benefit from the cycle of moonlight. Tracking the moon as you do can help us understand our moods through the signs and the types of activities we’re drawn to. It’s a great way to plan the month. You also have the gifts of heritage and tradition by gardening by the moon as you mom did. Very fortunate.

  6. Lovely post, cj
    For me it was immediately the aspects which contained the concentrated truth!
    They continue to be what excites me most about Astrology. Thank you for reminding me!
    It’s really interesting to hear what did it for you and others. I wonder if you can tell from someone’s chart what that will be.

    1. Hi, Lana! Being drawn to the aspects is inspiring to me. I’ve recently been thinking that the only real way to do a chart without a known birthtime is through the aspects. And the info there is loaded. I’d like to get better at that.

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