Full Moon in Aries ~ Dance of Fire!

What a spectacular Harvest Moon we have to look forward to this year! Not only is it the wild and lascivious Full Moon in Aries, every planet except Mercury will be a part of this dance of fire! Poor Mercury. He’s must have gotten distracted while out hand delivering invitations to the gods. Odds are, he’ll get the full scoop on it anyway.

If you take all the energy of the Aries Full Moon ~ which is steeped with Venus and Mars ~ add a dash of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto to the mix, you’ll start to get a feel for just how spicey this particular Full Moon is. Each of these planets is in aspect to our Full Moon dancers. But is that everyone? Of course not! No, this is the soiree of the season. Chiron and the North Node are here, too. Everyone is cutting in on our cosmic lovers.

How do we handle all this energy? Forget about it. It’s too hot to handle! Just keep on dancing.

One of the most popular posts of all time on Auntie Moon is Full Moon in Aries ~ Last Tango in Libra. If you missed it last year, rest assured that it applies to this Full Moon, too ~ only everything’s more intense.

Full Moon in Aries
Last Tango in Libra

Tango ~ Fabian Perez

Mars and Venus. Ares and Aphrodite. This is the couple everyone dreams of being ~ stunningly gorgeous, magnetically charming, and madly in love. Everyone wants a piece of them. Anima and animus are never more openly involved in role reversals than at this Full Moon. She is the light of the sun. He is her reflection. Together they glide deliciously across the heavens, embroiled in a chase so seductive, it is engaged only by the gods. Read more… 


10 thoughts on “Full Moon in Aries ~ Dance of Fire!

  1. What a gorgeously lush post! … but can’t we bring Mercury to this year’s party? I’m seeing him sextiling the South Node and the Venus-Mars pairing — wide, yes, but with all the intensity this Full Moon carries, I’m thinking Mercury will slip under the velvet ropes and join the dance!

  2. Did I overlook Mercury’s participation? Of course he can join us. Someone has to take notes on this Full Moon and chances are good he’ll have some excellent insights to bring to mind.

  3. CJ and Friends! Love your blog and contributions!

    Being married to a man whose country of origin is Japan, I am pleased to join you in celebration of the Harvest Moon, or, O-Tsukimi, the traditional Japanese festival which honors the full moon in autumn. This was the inspiration for my poem above, “Far Away, the Moon Eats Beautiful Whispers.”

    Also a Nia dancer and teacher (this Thursday, my daughter, Faith, and I, leave for a 4-day “Sacred Athlete” training with former Olympic athlete, Ann Christiansen) we learn to first and foremost become attuned to our bodies and how we each move as part of a whole. Imagine dancing Nia (a combination of healing, dance and martial arts) to the entire Pink Floyd album, “Dark Side of the Moon!” Sometimes in Freedance, one’s sensation is not unlike that of a planet moving in her orbit while circling around fellow elements of the solar system: individuals but in harmony with the others, as One, together.

    In peace,
    Deanna Elaine dancingthroughthelines.wordpress.com

  4. I just got married on the beach on 9/24 as the full moon was rising. I dono if its supposed to but this post is pretty characteristic of our relationship 🙂

    1. Best wishes, Maureen! It sounds like a very romantic start to your marriage. Very nice!

  5. A great site.

    I have the love of my life – after failed relationships – this gentleman is one that most women would envy that I know. Funny, kind, loving and most of all – my grand daughter at age 2 is is pride and joy. It is just wonderful.

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