New Moon in Gemini ~ Add to Dictionary

If you’ve ever run a spell-check program, you know that when an unrecognized word is found, you are given several options. Ignore and Add to Dictionary are a couple of the options, along with some guesses at words you may have meant to use instead of the word you typed. Oftentimes the suggestions are correct. We’ve made an error. But we’ve all gotten some bizarre, ridiculous, or absolutely hysterical suggestions for words that are nowhere near what we intended. That’s Gemini ~ searching for options, ignoring some, connecting with others, making mistakes, and frequently getting it right.

We ignore a vast portion of the deluge of information that comes our way. It’s not pertinent. It didn’t have any meaning for our particular purposes. It was irrelevant. Filtering out the unnecessary is a small part of Gemini’s task. The larger task is collecting the information, connecting the dots, and passing it on. Gemini shares what it has learned.

Other forces of the zodiac complete the task that Gemini begins. Once the information is gathered, Virgo analyzes it with a fine eye to the details of the matter at hand. Libra brings balance to the knowledge Gemini and Virgo have collected and organized. She relates it to relationships of all kinds before passing what she has learned to Aquarius. But the air signs do not act alone in creating the dictionaries of our lives. Sagittarius jumps in, eager to spread the word ~ bringing evidence of native knowledge from distant shores ~ again expanding this joint effort known as the mind of the collective. Aquarius applies the seasoned knowledge of this joint effort to the world at large and creates a well of knowing that can be drawn from by all.

When you enter Gemini, the effects are far-reaching.

If you take a small Gemini project ~ enroll in a class, for example ~ you are not just enrolling in a class. You are making connections of all kinds ~ tapping into the collective that already exists, establishing new connections, new relationships, and bringing something new ~ your thoughts, your experiences, your ideas ~ to toss into the collective’s cauldron. You have added something to the dictionary.

You can focus on a New Moon in Gemini activity or you can spend a few minutes flipping through the dictionary of your own life. Be like a child hearing a new word for the first time ~ what does it mean, why does it sound like that? In other words, listen. We’re so often reminded that Gemini is a chatterbox that we forget it is also a listener. But listen it does. How else is it going to collect all that information? We hear before we learn to speak or read. It is our first means to communication. Surely the babe hears the sounds from outside the womb, the pulse of the mother, the incomprehensible murmurings from beyond its tiny world. Sound is there. Information filters through.

Later, the child connects the dots of language and, even though he can’t speak yet, he is able to respond with expression and emotion and movement. The child must first hear its own voice. Then the words come ~ Mama, Dada, No! Smart little trickster ~ a regular magician ~ adding to his dictionary.

Yes, Gemini is smart. He is observant and fascinated. There’s an endless stream of information that he will follow before reaching the well of knowing, but the journey has begun. Begin. Add to your dictionary. You are learning to speak, gathering the sounds and tones that will one day become the symphony of your life.

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