AstroHumor ~ Celebrate National Humor Month

I don’t believe in astrology;
I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical. 
                                                                                   ~Arthur C. Clarke

To celebrate National Humor Month, a crazy gang of astrology bloggers are putting together some posts to give us a few giggles.  Donna Cunningham at Sky Writer and Neeti Ray at Astrology Expressed have already posted, so check them out.

Here are twelve real greeting cards that have some pretty funny things to say about the signs ~ bet you can figure out which card goes with which sign. (I had to laugh at myself with a bunch of these.)

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All these cards were found in the vintage category at photobucket.

17 thoughts on “AstroHumor ~ Celebrate National Humor Month

  1. Oh, God, CJ, these are absolutely priceless. I laughed out loud at most of them. The captions are yours, yes? Fabulous addition to our group’s celebration of National Humor Month!
    Donna Cunningham, Skywriter

    1. No, the captions were already on the cards. That’s what cracked me up about them because they rang so true for certain signs. I had to laugh out loud and pet my ego a little with quite a few of them.

  2. I loved ’em too! As an androgynously-minded male, I not only found them hilarious but true. We guys tend to underestimate you ladies….

  3. “Damn straight I keep score.” I have to guess Scorpio on that one, especially how she’s holding her head down and looking up with those eyes. I’m afraid I really related most to that one, but several of the others rang a bell too.

    1. I love the “you say lazy like it’s a bad thing.” My Moon really eats that one up.

    1. “The vamps still run the ramps.” That’s priceless, Mokihana. And you are right!

  4. Hi CJ,
    Those are brilliant – just what I needed to cheer me out of the “back to work after the easter break blues”. Thank you 😀

  5. “love…honor…and what?!?” Ha! My husband and I argue this all the time! I swear obey was not in the marriage vows!

  6. It’s love honor and OBEY! And stop keeping score! What is the matter with you astronuts?

    P.S. – That’s a joke – I say that’s a joke boys and girls. Now get outa here, ya bother me. (Although I have dreamed that my whole house was clean and then the moon entered the 7th house on the right, which is where Jupiter lives, and then they both got in line with Mars to purchase an aquarium and then my house was dirty again. It’s a Virgo thing.)

  7. These are hilarious, CJ! I hope you’re thinking seriously of a line of humorous astro-greeting cards. You’ve got it down!

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