AstroHumor ~ Rampaging Mars in the 6th or 10th

Are you feeling too much angst on the job?

Is your boss on your last nerve?

Co-Workers driving you up the wall?

If Mars is running rampant in your veins ~
and through your 6th or 10th house ~

don’t do anything rash that you’ll regret!

Take a moment, breathe, gather yourself,

Watch this video instead!

Let a little humor lower your temperature.

If you need a direct link to the video on youtube, here it is:

3 thoughts on “AstroHumor ~ Rampaging Mars in the 6th or 10th

  1. there is a problem with the video link. I checked yesterday and today and it isn’t functional. Thought you might like to know.

  2. Thanks, Sharon. I appreciate you letting me know you’re having trouble with it. I’ll also put the link under the video.

    I’m trying to put a link here, but the video keeps popping up instead. The url is:
    “”, minus the quotation marks.

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