Board Meeting Tonight: Are You Putting Your Mission Statement at Risk?

Inner Board too Stodgy?

Ever feel like you just can’t decide what to do on certain occasions or what your best course of action should be? You come up with a decision, but you’re waivering, and there’s a nagging feeling in your gut that says, “I want to…but I shouldn’t” or “I don’t want to…but I should”? Maybe your personal mission statement is getting a bit nebulous and it’s necessary to regroup and make some major decisions.

It’s time to hand it over to your inner Board of Directors. If “Board of Directors” is too stodgy for you, try thinking of them as your Inner Tribe. Instead of a Board of Directors meeting, hold a Tribal Council.

The basic duties of a Board of Directors is to bring their expertise, experience, and connections to the table. Some are selected for their ability to handle finances; others because they understand the importance of good public relations. Other are selected because they’ve proven they can take a vision all the way and establish a company as ethical, with outstanding community support, growing the company by leaps and bounds and leading it toward success. Each board meeting usually consists of various committee reports, a factual description of what has happened since the last meeting and how it is faring with the committee’s annual goal, where each committee is excelling and where has it failed to meet its expectations. There’s also new business to be considered. Some things might get tabled if a particular issue takes precedence.

Personally, I’m a little more comfortable with the idea of a Tribal Council ~ probably because I have a lot more Moon than Saturn and it just sounds less restrictive. No paperwork, maybe?

Inner Board too Eclectic?

You can have as many directors or council members on your inner board as you want. The basic idea is to get all those voices inside yourself to agree on the course of action you’ll take when handling any difficult situation. Even buying a new pair of shoes can be a difficult decision. You can base your Inner Board on your chart in various ways. Here are four possible ways to set up your Board or Council.

Elemental/Quality Council

You need at least seven members on this board, and they match up with the four basic elements and three qualities we work with in astrological analysis. You need to recruit a board member that employs logic (air), one that’s sensitive to what you need to thrive emotionally (water), one that is able to build strong foundations for growth (earth), and one that has the ability to inspire you with a vision and lead you fearlessly toward the realization of your mission statement (fire).

You need a board member that can get you started on new endeavors (cardinal), one that doesn’t waiver from the original plan (fixed), and one that’s able to mediate between the two and still move forward (mutable).

This is how you go about analyzing this council:

  • What’s your quality mix? Identify the weights of the three qualities in your chart and get the ruling planets to step in when one is lacking. If you’re lacking cardinal signs, you need to find a council member who can step up and fulfill that role. The planets associated with cardinal signs are Mars, Moon, Venus, and Saturn. Planets associated with mutable signs are Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune. Planets associated with fixed signs are Venus, Sun, Pluto, Uranus. Where are these planets in your chart, and how can you make best use of them?
  • What’s the elemental mix in your chart? Once again, determine the elemental makeup of your chart and find the element that needs some backing. If you’re lacking air, you have to find a council member that can come in and act as a negotiator and mediator.  If you need water, bring in a sensitive council member that is empathetic to your emotional needs. Lacking earth, get a no-nonsense, no-waste board member. Bring in a council member who’s adventurous and a bit of risk-taker if you lack fire.

Want to spend some of your money on a non-essential when the electric bill is due, your income is not sufficient, and you’re leaning toward the red? Take it to the board, bring it up in council. Your Finance Committee (the Earth and Fixed board members) might not allow that. In these days when many of us are tightening our belts, these council members will make sure you aren’t wasting your funds. Try to get a clear picture of this Board or Tribe member. If it helps to visualize Suze Orman in this role, do it. She’ll approve or reject your request, based on your fiancial state, and you have to live with that decision.

Suppose you don’t have much water in your chart, but you’re heavy on earth. Maybe your Finance Committee has become too stingy and so controlling that your PR Committee can’t get any good press out on you. They probably need a budget increase. Bring in those water, fire, and mutable members to debate the issues. The air and mutable members will look at both sides before making a choice. Put it to a vote.

Planetary Council

With this type of Board or Council, you’ll need to get a very thorough understanding of how each planet operates in your chart. Try mapping each one individuallly, as mapping your Saturn is explained in Get New Year’s Resolutions Achieved with a Strong Saturn Attack.

  • Which planet is the loudmouth or bully that always insists on getting its way?
  • Which one stays in the background, rarely raising its voice?
  • Who’s the alpha planet, who’s the omega?

Remember, at a board meeting, the omega’s vote counts just as much as the alpha’s.

Olympian Planetary Council

I’ve always been drawn to Steven Forrest’s Table of Archetypes in The Inner Sky. He lists several archetypes for each sign. The Daredevil for Aries and The Witness for Gemini are a couple of examples. You might want to give each of your planets a stereotyped role just to see how they usually operate in your chart. It might be a bit limiting to stereotype, but it can give you an initial understanding of their first response to various issues. If you have a lot of planets in Aries, you might find that you’ve got a lot of warriors as board members. With a lot of planets in Cancer, you might find that you’ve got a lot of mothers at your council meeting.

Tarot Archetypes

The Major Arcana cards of the tarot are pure archetypes. The 22 cards are associated with the 12 signs and 10 planets, so they can serve as fantastic visual representations of your board or council. Use your favorite deck for this exercise. If you like the Tribal Council approach, you might enjoy using a Native American deck or a deck based on various cultures. Decks with attributions to the gods and goddesses of various cultures can have astrological associations that appeal to you. Here are the standard associations of the Major Arcana cards.

Signs Planets
Aries – Emperor Sun – The Sun
Taurus – The Heirophant Moon – The High Priestess
Gemini – The Lovers Mercury – The Magician
Cancer – The Chariot Venus – The Empress
Leo – Strength Mars – The Tower
Virgo – The Hermit Jupiter – The Wheel of Fortune
Libra – Justice Saturn – The World
Scorpio – Death Uranus – The Fool
Sagittarius – Temperance Neptune – The Hanged Man
Capricorn – The Devil Pluto – Judgement
Aquarius – The Star  
Pisces – The Moon  

Each of the Minor Arcana cards also have astrological associations, assigned to the elements or decans of the signs. Here’s a pdf of the astrological associations of the Minor Arcana.

You might like to work with animal cards or animal based tarot decks if you are drawn to their archetypal energies. Name your animal council ~ Talking Crow for Mercury in Scorpio or Tortoise Woman for Moon in Taurus are examples. Here’s a list of characteristics for power animals.

Make Them Up

Let your imagination run wild with this approach. Pull from your knowledge of fairy tales, made-up characters, or real people. You could have a board made up of Hungry Child, Old Moneybags, Lolita, Peter Pan, and so on. Or your council might consist of Suze Orman, Queen Elizabeth, Houdini, and John Glenn. Acknowledge their defining characteristics and note what you admire about them. They are on your board because you consider them leaders in their field or they have qualities that you admire. They bring their expertise to guide you in making wise choices.

Your Inner Board should keep everything running smoothly and create a good balance in your life. Only you know if your board is lopsided and if you need to rotate some members out and bring some new ones in that will get you on solid footing in all areas. The goal is security, success, growth, good will and happiness all around.

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  1. Brilliant, thanks, and perfect timing as I plan my first inner council for the new year, starting up a new web-based business. And happy new year to you, cj.

    1. Happy New Year to you, Pen, and all my best wishes to you for great success in your new business.

  2. An hour prior to your blog reaching my inbox I was on the web looking up links to the Small Business Administration. For a Business Plan!
    My Fixed Fire chart must be thinking what you are.

    Like Pen I’m aimed at starting up a web-based business.

    WOW, the synchronicity of reading this now.

    1. We’re in the same frame of mind, Moon Sister. Isn’t synchronicity cool?

  3. Marvellous message, CJ! You have such a way with a metaphor.

    As a Survivor fan, though, the idea of a Tribal Council is daunting. The last thing I need is to get voted off the Island at this point.

    For me, as a writer, it’s an Editorial Board consisting of all the editors, living and dead, who shaped up my writing and kept me from missing important points and from showing my less evolved side to jy readers. Now I hear them in my head as I write–God bless them all, every one, as I wouldn’t be the writer I am without them. Donna

  4. I am so glad you gave the example of using this concept with your Editorial Board, Donna. That’s one I hadn’t thought about, but wow is it a good one. Someone could use that if they wanted to improve their vocabulary, too. Great suggestion for a Gemini or Virgo board member. If I had an Editorial Board, I’d definitely add my 8th grade English teacher, Mr. Cook. He was amazing.

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