New Moon in Leo ~ Get Creative

We are all artists, even if we don’t know how to draw. ~ Kyle Knight, age 8

If you’re one of those folks that think you’re not creative, think again. The Leo New Moon is a great time to explore that and learn just how creative you actually are. Every single one of us has a talent of some kind, whether it’s considered “artistic” in the traditional sense or not. In addition to all the artists among us, scientists, economists, homemakers, babysitters, carpenters, dogwalkers, secretaries, physical therapists, you name it…everyone is creative in many ways.

Let this New Moon in Leo inspire you to get creative with something, even if it’s creating a better way to balance your checkbook. It will make you feel good, and the Moon is all about being happy. Start thinking about a creative project of any kind and begin it with the New Moon in Leo. If you can’t think of anything, look at the issues associated with the 5th house or the house Leo occupies in your chart for plenty of ideas. Visit for a refresher on the meanings of houses.

Guest Blogger Dan Goodwin on Creativity

I’m on Dan Goodwin’s Create! Create! ezine mailing list, and have found it to spark my creativity when I’m feeling stuck. This recent post from his ezine and blog points out that our creativity is juicier than we might imagine. Each of us is multi-talented. We just need to stop selling ourselves short.

Why Your Creativity Is More Juicy Than A Bucket of Blackberries

by Dan Goodwin

Do you consider yourself an artist in one specific form or medium? Or across many different areas?

Let’s take a step back. Do you consider yourself creative at all?

I’ve lost count of the number of times people say to me: “I’m not REALLY creative, I’m only dabbling” or “I’m not a proper artist because I don’t create full time and I’ve never sold any work” and a hundred other variations and reasons.

You are creative. Every moment of the day, ideas are forming in your mind.

Ideas that are yours, unique to you and all of your talents, experiences and imagination. That’s before we even get to all you actually bring into being by developing those ideas. You are creative. There’s no argument! Agreed? Good, let’s move on.

Once we accept we are creative (switched on 24/7 creative – yes even when asleep), the next way we often dismiss or belittle our creativity is by saying things like: “I do paint yes, and take photos, but I’m hopeless when it comes to writing or anything musical.”

We undersell our talents, abilities and achievements in two major ways:

1. We set unrealistic or impossible expectations. Say you’re a writer. But you don’t paint, or sing. As a result you don’t think you’re all that creative. What if you did paint and sing too? It’s likely you’d say: “Yes, but I don’t quilt or sculpt or dance or photograph or act. I’m not all that creative at all…” And so on. If you created in a dozen different forms and media, my guess is you’d still manage to convince yourself you’re not really that creative because of all the other forms you DON’T create in. Which brings us to the second way we sell ourselves short.

2. We overlook what we DO create.
There are always new ways to create. And in every creative form there are subforms, and then subforms of those. It’s very easy to compile a list of all the ways of creating you’ve never tried. But what about what you do create. Not just the obvious times where you take a photo, paint a picture or write a poem. Your creativity influences everything you do. The way you plan your day, how you come up with ideas where others never could, the way you cook, your relationships, the way you decorate your home. The list is endless. Your list!

And so, to the title of this article. What’s this all got to do with blackberries?

You are crammed to bursting with creativity. Take a look at a blackberry, or a picture of one. You’ll notice it’s made up of lots of tiny round juice packed pouches that make up the whole fruit. One blackberry might represent all the ideas you have, or all the projects you created in one media. Maybe it’s an anthology of poetry, or a collection of photographs.

But, your creativity is not just ONE blackberry.

Because, as we’ve seen above, you’re creative in a whole multitude of different ways. Your creativity is more like a whole bucket of blackberries. A bucket that’s ever growing and just as large as you want it to be.

Imagine biting into a blackberry, the tiny pods bursting in your mouth and juice running over your tongue, down your throat, even trickling down your chin.

That’s your creativity. Just waiting to be bitten into.

And it’s more succulent and delicious than you can imagine.

Share your thoughts and comments on being more juicy than a blackberry with us below!

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