The Temptation, Strang
The Temptation, Strang

What tempts you?

That’s an easy one for me to answer ~ food!

I like almost everything ~ sweet, salty, crispy, creamy, crunchy, sour, spicey, peppery, gooey, drippy. I can easily understand why the vehicle used for Eve’s temptation was an apple. The color, the sweetness, the juiciness, the crunch! Very sensual, way beyond delicious. Though we’re not told this in the original Adam and Eve story, I can easily imagine that tempting taste of forbidden fruit leading to a incredibly delicious night. An evening under the stars in a beautiful garden and, uh-oh!, we’re naked!

I have a Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon, both associated with food, so I’m a textbook case. These two astrological signatures aren’t necessary for a food addict, but they certainly don’t do much to put the skids on the temptation of the buffet table.

In The Rulership Book, Rex E. Bills lists temptation as falling under the rulership of Pluto and Neptune ~ quite serendipitous to my recent focus on Pisces/Scorpio combinations. Is it easy for you to say no to this powerful pair? If you’re like me you say yes. Yes to the siren song of Neptune’s illusion. Yes! Oh, definitely yes, to the power of food…no, not food. I didn’t mean that. I meant the power of Pluto. Pluto!

(I had to take a moment here to collect my thoughts, as I just returned from frosting a cake in the kitchen.)

Whatever your temptation may be, it falls under Pluto’s whip. Neptune lures, Pluto makes you its slave. Each sign has it’s negative traits, its temptations which, taken to excess, can open the door for addiction to enter. And in the eyes of the beguiled that temptation is so beautiful, so radiant, the answer, nothing short of paradise, your own personal Eve.

Surely the Moon has some role to play in this Eden from which we must eventaully banish ourselves. The Moon does indicate what makes us happy, and, as we search for happiness, it is easy to be led down the path of least resistance where temptation awaits. If we are to stay happy, musn’t we tame that temptation, keep it in control, create some reasonable facsimile of our temptation that we can live with?

I’ve had a lot of fun finding Pisces/Scorpio music lately. Most are a bit on the depressing side. Here’s another entry, not so depressing but certainly powerful ~ Temptation, a truly golden oldie from Bing Crosby. The great lyrics are below the video.

(Freed and Brown)

You came, I was alone
I should have known you were temptation
You smiled, luring me on
My heart was gone, you were temptation

It would be thrilling if you were willing
If it can never be, pity me
For you were born to be kissed
I can’t resist
You are temptation and I am yours
Here is my heart
Take it and say we’ll never part
I’m just a slave, only a slave
To you, temptation

Strang’s painting of Adam and Eve in the garden, The Temptation, is courtesy of wikimedia commons.