Virgo 2020: Moon Phases

Virgo begins on August 22nd with a Crescent Moon in Libra. We’ve entered the part of the year when the Full Moon precedes the New Moon. The New Moon will come toward the end of Virgo, on the 27th day of the Sun’s transit through the sign.

(To adjust for your time zone, subtract 1 hour for Central Time, 2 hours for Mountain Time, 3 hours for Pacific Time.)

New Phase

Sept 17-20

New Moon in Virgo
Sept 17, 7:00 am

The New Moon is always the beginning of the New Phase. We state our intentions at this time and choose the path we want to take going forward.

Crescent Phase

Aug 22-25
Sept 20-22

At the Crescent Moon, we may struggle as we learn to trust our instincts.

First Quarter Phase

Aug 25-29

This is the phase for making adjustments to our original plan and taking action.

Gibbous Phase

Aug 29-Sept 2

We study and make our last preparations before the Moon reaches total fullness.

Full Phase

Sept 2-6

Full Corn Moon
10° Pisces
Sept 2
Full at 1:22 am ET

Also known as:
Chrysanthemum Moon
Singing Moon
Barley Moon
Nut Moon
Mulberry Moon

Everything is illuminated and our progress is fully visible at the Full Moon. The moment that the Moon is 100% full marks the beginning of the Full Phase.

Disseminating Phase

Sept 6-10

Disseminate means “to scatter.” During this phase, we share what we have learned with others.

Last Quarter Phase

Sept 10-13

This is a time for reaffirming our intentions and our original vision for this lunar cycle.

Balsamic Phase

Sept 13-17

This is a time of release as we begin preparations for the New Moon and the next lunar cycle. This time is suited to meditation on our intentions, but do not take action until the New Moon.

Old Moon

Sept 16

The Old Moon isn’t one of the official eight Moon phases, but refers to the Moon a night or two before it is New. This is the prime time for meditating on your New Moon intentions or to set aside some time to completely relax as the lunar cycle draws to a close.