Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter: The Wheel of Fortune

The upward path this coming year will be much about giving everybody a piece of the pie and sharing all resources to pull ahead together. It’s not a great climate for going solo, since everybody’s looking to share both wealth and burden, but it’s a good time to discover untapped potential in people and places which were there all along.*

  • Expansion
  • Growth
  • Overextension
  • Blessings

Jupiter spends approximately one year in a sign.

Aquarius: 6 of Swords

Specifically: 20-29 Degrees of Aquarius

These degrees of Aquarius are represented by Aquarius/Uranus and Libra/Venus. While the humanitarianism of Aquarius remains solid, love (Venus) may be aloof, uninvolved, or eccentric. (An extreme example is Nikola Tesla in love with his pigeon. It’s a fascinating story. See citation below**.) Growth is gained through emotional connection in companionship, expansion of empathy.


  • Companionship instead of passion
  • Unprejudiced ideas
  • Eccentricity

*From Daywatch Calendar Transit Report, available here.

**Vaughan, D.. “Nikola Tesla’s Weird Obsession with Pigeons.” Encyclopedia Britannica, Invalid Date. Nikola Tesla’s Weird Obsession with Pigeons.