Astrology-Themed Cookbooks

There are a variety of cookbooks with an astrological theme, some written by astrologers who cook and some by chefs who have an interest in astrology. If you know of an astrological cookbook that isn’t listed here, please mention it in the comments.

There’s one website included with the cookbooks here ~ Gwen Sutherland Kaiser’s Intoxicated Zodiac. Gwen is a renowned mixologist who can shake and stir with the best of them. Plus, she has one extraordinary ability ~ she does it in alignment with the stars.

Here in no particular order are books in my collection.

lobster for leos

Lobster for Leos, Cookies for Capricorn is a wonderful book by astrologer chef Sabra Ricci. Each section is devoted to one sign with recipes that give healthy support to various parts of the body. Easy to prepare recipes feature beneficial ingredients.

See my review of the book here and get a recipe for Lobster Guacamole!

Jeane Dixon's Astrological Cookbook

Jeane Dixon’s Astrological Cookbook breaks the signs down into decans, those 10 degree divisions of the signs. Since each sign is subruled by a different planet, foods vary a bit from decan to decan.

It was first published in 1976 and may a bit difficult to come by. I was lucky to find an autographed copy in a junk store for next to nothing.

Rana Birkmeier's Cookbook

Rana Birkmeier’s The Astrological Cookbook shows you the way to any sign is through the stomach.

Sydney Omarr's Cookbook


Sydney Omarr has two books with recipes tied to the zodiac.

Omarr has collaborated on Cooking With Astrology with master chef Mike Roy, advising Roy on the traits of the signs for the recipes.

You’ll also find recipes in Sydney Omarr’s Astrology, Love, Sex, and You. More astrology than cooking, there are some delightful recipes included here.


chocolate astrology

Oh, my goodness. The title says it all!

Chocolate Astrology has some sinfully delicious recipes in a beautifully illustrated little book.

Cosmic Cuisine by Tom Jaine is a beautifully illustrated book with a very nice table of correspondences for the planets which goes beyond the usual foods associated with a sign. The book is divided by zodiac sign, with additional sections at the back for recipes specific to planets. Jaine points out the foods that are aphrodisiacs for each of the planets, and includes a short chapter on Food for Love.

way to mans heart


The Way to a Man’s Heart is through His Capricorn is subtitled A Whimsical Astrological Cookbook. Peggy Holt has combined some good recipes with tips on catching a fella by his zodiac sign.
Rose Elliot zodiac cookbook If you’re a vegetarian, Rose Elliot’s The Zodiac Cookbook is the book for you! She has been one of Britain’s foremost vegetarian chefs.You’ll probably have a very hard time finding this book. There’s a link to Amazon, but last I looked, it wasn’t available.
taste of astrology  A Taste of Astrology by Lucy Ash is a wonderful book with plenty of astrological symbolism noted ~ dominant flavors and color, herbs and spices, cell salts, and more. She offers menu suggestions for a complete meal from first course to dessert.Readily available at great prices. 
intoxicatedzodiac This is an amazing website for astrology themed cocktails. If you want to find the perfect cocktail to complement your recipes, visit The Intoxicated Zodiac for some great ideas. Gwen includes plenty of photos to illustrate how gorgeous the drinks are.

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