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  1. I had no idea that there were astrological cookbooks … but I’ve definitely prepared specific dishes based on friend’s or pairs of friend’s signs … like for water signs I’ll serve soups or something with some kind of dip or broth, also water signs tend to love nice herbal iced teas and cold beverages … and for the fire signs … I’ll use lots of pepper and even physical heat like a little charring of the pepper in some fire, while they prefer the hotter beverages …. like coffee .

    Now as for the combination say a fire and air and water signs as well as earth … there must be candles on the table … there must be a big bowl of salad and soup, and a nice, big hearty meal could be bean or meat but a feast nonetheless, all with a big fresh fruit pie!

    1. You have a natural flair for cooking with astrology, Tracy ~ an intuitive understanding of it. Soups are definitely for water signs, and especially native to Cancer, which also generally rules herbs. Specific herbs do belong to different planets, though. Peppers are right on with the fire signs, with Mars ruling peppers generally. Your meal for all the signs sounds fantastic. I had a great visualization of it. Gorgeous!

      There are lots of astro cookbooks, and they’re great fun to flip through. My list is not up to date. I’ve addded a few since I made this page. Cosmic Cuisine by Tom Jaine is my new favorite, and I have gotten a kick out of The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His Capricorn by Rose Elliot. I think both are out of print, but available used.

  2. I found a wonderful book in 1988 called A Taste Of Astrology by Lucy Ash. It contains 240 recipes . It also gives cute data on the Zodiac Cook and the Zodiac Guest. If you find the book let me know what you think. Thanks – Rosanne

    1. Thanks, Rosanne, I’ll be on the lookout for it. Will check Amazon right away.

      Update: Found it and ordered it. 🙂

      1. My copy of A Taste of Astrology arrived and it’s fantastic, Roseanne. One of the absolute best! Thank you so much for recommending it. The menus are excellent and well-rounded. What to expect from the Zodiac Cook and the Zodiac Guest is super, and a very nice addition to the cookbook. I can’t wait to get started on this one. I had a fantasy of going through it just like Julie and Julia. A+++++

  3. Hi. Glad you enjoyed the cookbook. Usually at Christmas time I have a few friends over for the evening for apps. @ coctails and what I have done is make different apps. for each sun sign guest and it is really a hit. It takes a little longer to make so many but worth every bit of it. Let me know what you have made and how you liked it. Roseanne

  4. Now I understand why my Sagittarian friend insists on the chilli flakes. I had no idea about astrological cooking… but it is all starting to make sense now!

    If you do go through it Julie and Julia style, keep us posted! Would love to hear more.

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