New Moon in Gemini: Have no Fear, Dream Big

New Moon: Plant your seed; choose your path.

The New Moon at 9 Gemini is Monday, May 30th, 7:30 am EDT. The New Moon is the most potent point during Gemini season since both the sun and the moon are in the same degree. Being (the sun) is supported by feeling (the moon), a magic potion for manifesting the opportunities that Gemini brings.

Preceding the New Moon are two very supportive aspects between the Gemini moon, Mars, and Jupiter. Aspects grow in strength as they approach being exact, so you may feel the power of Mars/Jupiter growing within you tonight as we settle into the old moon and dream of the possibilities the New Moon promises. I like to think of this Mars/Jupiter/Moon aspect during the old moon as an urging to “have no fear, dream big.” Now it’s up to us to harness the often scattered energy of Gemini and settle on that one, true thing that our heart desires in the next four weeks.

Gemini New Moon themes include daily communications, brothers and sisters, learning something new, your neighborhood, day trips, automobiles and other vehicles, and being decisive.

Happy New Moon!