Moon in Cancer, Nov 21-24, 2021; Sun enters Sagittarius

November 21st has a couple of notable cosmic landscape changes:

  • The Sun enters Sagittarius at 9:34pm ET.
  • The Moon moves into Cancer, her native sign, at 10:33pm ET.

The Moon’s first encounter with another planet is a sextile to Uranus late in the evening of the 22nd; thus, she is in free rein mode until then. In other words, she just gets to be herself for most of the day ~ a sensitive, nurturing, feminine force. The sextile to Uranus makes it easy for her to explore a little, urge her out of that formidable shell she has.

She’s energized on Tuesday by a hoist from Mars and settles into her deeper self that evening when she makes contact with Neptune in Pisces. For the most part, Luna’s journey through Cancer this month is a good one.

The Moon’s phase changes from Full to Disseminating on Nov 23rd.

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Sun in Sagittarius

The New Moon in Sagittarius is on December 4th, 2:44am ET, at 12 degrees. Themes for this New Moon are adventure, philosophy, religion, laws, freedom, optimism, advanced education, and a search for truth. The Full Moon in Gemini is on December 18th, 11:36pm ET, at 27 degrees.

I’m amazed at how often American holidays suit their zodiac signs. This holds for Sagittarius and Thanksgiving Day. Here’s the story as I was taught it in elementary school:

Pilgrims ♐, fleeing religious ♐ persecution, travel ♐ to a “new world” exploring ♐ the possibility of building a home and community based on their personal beliefs. ♐ Everything was highlighted by a big, giant meal.

More on Cancer, the Crab

Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, is a cardinal water sign. The Moon in Cancer is sensitive, nurturing, and emotional. It seeks connections through close relationships and has a tendency toward reminiscing, whether for good or bad. If an emotional connection is made with a person, a pet, a place, or an object, Cancer has a desire (or a need) to mother and protect it.

Cancer Key Phrase: Where the Heart Is

Under the Cancer Moon, moods may change suddenly and you could find yourself crying and laughing within the span of a few minutes. There are strong ties to the past during this transit, so it’s a good time to connect emotionally with others who shared that past with you. Be careful that you step gently under this transit, there could be extremely tender hearts underfoot.

If you were born with the Moon in Cancer, this is an especially important time of the month for you. You’ll be drawn to activities associated with the house of your natal Moon.

If you’re spending time with a Moonchild (Cancerian) today, let them know that they are loved and that you need them.

Cancer in the Home

Cancer is the Moon’s main domain. It applies to everything in the home, but especially to the kitchen, bedroom, and dining room. As the heart of the home, the kitchen is the center of nurturing whether through a home cooked meal or some good kitchen table psychology. The bedroom is a haven for rest and sleep and Cancer needs both to function properly. Other items associated with Cancer are family heirlooms, family photograph albums, items made of silver, bed linens, dishes, and cookware.

Cancer Days at Work

You or your co-workers could be overly protective of projects you consider to be your “baby.” Territorial issues may arise and tradition can predominate. Look for moments to nurture a newbie or lend an ear to a coworker. Watch tendencies to be bossy.

Cancer Days in Love

Cancer is another romantic sign, like Taurus. Security on all levels ~ emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental ~ is extremely important to Cancer. A Moonchild needs plenty of reassurance and, in turn, is never at a loss to let you know that they’ll always be there for you.

Cancer Days in the Garden

Cancer is the most fertile sign in the garden, and excellent for any activity. Outstanding for watering and fertilizing. Be careful if weeding that you aren’t spreading seeds under the fertile Cancer Moon.

New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer always occurs when the Sun is in Cancer, between June 20 ~ July 21.* Whether you’re domestic or not, this is an excellent New Moon to begin new projects related to your home and its upkeep. Issues surrounding your mother, family, girl friends, and women in general may arise. For example, if you have Moon in Cancer in the 10th house of Career, you may find issues related to a female authority figure or something made public regarding a woman.

Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon in Cancer always occurs in the winter while the Sun is in Capricorn, December 20 ~ January 21.* This Full Moon calls for a balance between your family and home and your public life and career. Are you spending too much time at work when your family needs you at home? Are you sacrificing a rewarding career for home and family?

*Dates are approximate and vary from year to year.