Aquarius Blue Moon of August 2021

Is it a Blue Moon or not? You may have seen articles about the Full Moon in Aquarius being a Blue Moon. Is it? No, and yes. Here’s why.

The original definition of a Blue Moon was the third of four Full Moons in a season (spring, summer, autumn or winter) when we would normally have only three. So, Yes, that makes this Full Moon a Blue Moon.

Now we most often think of it as the second Full Moon in a month. So, No, it doesn’t fit that requirement.

It can also be the second Full Moon of two in the same zodiac sign. So, Yes again, it fits the Blue Moon requirement.

So what kind of Full Moon is the one on August 22, 2021? It’s a seasonal Blue Moon AND the second Full Moon in a zodiac sign. This Full Moon is in Aquarius, same as the Full Moon that occurred on July 23rd which was also in Aquarius.

So what does this mean? Is it some kind of portal? No. Does it have super powers? No.

I think of Blue Moons by signs as an opportunity for a do-over. I think the same thing about Black Moons (the second New Moon in a sign). It’s all part of how the Moon completes her 19 year cycle. Whatever you may have initiated at July 23rd’s Full Moon in Aquarius can be approached again with the themes associated with Aquarius for this Full Moon on August 22nd.

Using the Algonquin names most commonly found in the US, the Full Moon of August is the Full Sturgeon Moon. I’ve associated it with the quality of Strength, which is befitting it being the Full Moon with a Leo Sun. It takes a lot of strength for sturgeon to live as long as they do, some up to 150 years. Sturgeon are quite rare now, no longer found in the massive numbers that thrived during August when they first gave their name to August’s Full Moon.