Moon in Aquarius, May 30-31, 2021

The Moon is in Aquarius May 30 -June 2, freeing us from the structures that Capricorn builds for security and giving us an opportunity to improvise some improvements to that secure foundation. Aquarius isn’t necessarily the weirdo that is often the word on the street about him. That’s Uranus. He’s the modern ruler, and he does like to shake things up. Saturn, the classic ruler, is much more subdued. Aquarius relies on the structures that Capricorn has built, revamps them, brings them up to date, or may even push them ahead of their time. He may do that in a Uranian or a Saturnian way. It all depends on the situation at hand.

You may feel that flip-slop of new vs. classic Sunday evening, the 30th, when the Moon first squares her modern ruler, Uranus, and then conjuncts her classic ruler, Saturn. It’s like you get this great idea that’s really thinking outside the box and then shortly thereafter, you pull it back in. Watch that space. ❤