Mercury Retrograde, May-June 2021

Mercury will take a spin backwards from May 29-June 22, 2021. Mercury won’t spin backwards literally, of course, but from our perspective here on Earth it will appear to move in reverse motion.

The May-June retrograde will take place in Mercury’s home sign of Gemini, sign of early learning, communications, and the gathering of information. Gemini brings awareness to new things and passes the information along through talking, writing, reporting, hand signals, facial expressions, anything that can be read, written, or spoken…and…gossip.

The Other:
You didn’t know that?


The Other:
Well, now you do.

I’ll spread the word!

The Gemini house of your natal chart is the place to look for the types of issues that may come up during the retrograde period. Everyone’s mail isn’t going to go astray. Everyone’s computer isn’t going to break. Everyone’s lover isn’t going to end the relationship because Mercury is retrograde. That’s not how it works. Here’s a breakdown of what each house represents. Those are the things to pay closer attention to during the retrograde.

My favorite (if I can call it that) personal example is when Mercury was retrograde in Aries in my third house. The third house rules things like siblings, cars, vehicles, and garages. I drove my car into my garage and pressed the close button on my garage door opener. I went immediately into my house and didn’t notice for quite a while that the garage door was stuck on my bumper, burning out my garage door opener. My mail didn’t go astray, but I did have to purchase a new garage door opener. The important thing to note: pay attention! Imagine that elementary school teacher standing over you, reprimanding you for giggling or staring out the window. Pay attention to the area of your chart related to Gemini.

Mercury Rx will be within 1 degree of the New Moon in Gemini on June 10th making him a major player in that lunation. If you make New Moon wishes, get really clear on what you want. Be specific and look for possible things that could go wrong in how you strive to reach your goal or how you word your wishlist.

A Mercury Rx caution day is June 5th when he squares Neptune in Pisces. Actually, this could be a good thing. Investigate carefully. If Neptune is confusion or misunderstanding, Mercury Rx could bring that topic up again. It’s an opportunity to clear it up…or prolong the problem. This aspect will occur again on July 6th, so what you decide during the retrograde may not be the final outcome.

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