Moon in Capricorn, May 28-30, 2021

The Moon travels through serious-minded Capricorn late evening May 28 through late night on the 30th. Friday the 29th is a good day for the Capricorn Moon as she receives good, positive support from Jupiter in Pisces (to lighten her spirits) and Uranus in Taurus (to accept that change is inevitable).

Saturday, the 29th, may raise the emotional tides for the Capricorn Moon as she makes contact with Mars (action/spirit), Neptune (idealism/escapism), and Pluto (transformation/endings). Pluto is currently retrograde so we could still be digging up old bones to chew on from past grievances. Put the energy to better use by repurposing things, breaking dishes you can’t stand, shredding old papers, or just taking out the trash that doesn’t belong in your life anymore.

Adding to the brooding of the Cap Moon is Mercury turning retrograde in Gemini. Thought processes are at a standstill for a day or two, so any emotional trials could have the Cap Moon building walls higher and higher.