Moon in Libra, July 24-26, 2020

July 24, 9:54 pm –
July 27, 12:12 am ET

The Moon enters Libra in the evening on Friday, July 24th. Seeing as Friday is Goddess Day because of it being named for Freya and Libra is ruled by Venus, fully drink in the lovely feminine energy of the day. The transits through Libra for our beloved Luna have been on the difficult side for the past few months. This transit also has its bugaboos, but begins with a happy connection with the Leo Sun. It’s in the wee hours of Saturday morning, so you may miss this beneficial Sun/Moon tryst.

The next nice aspect for the Moon in Libra comes via a trine with her ruler, Venus, in the early morning of Sunday, the 26th. Venus/Moon makes for happy relationships and good companionship, so grab it before it’s gone. The Moon remains in Libra through Sunday night, moving into Scorpio at the witching hour (12:12 am ET) on the 27th.

First Quarter Moon, July 27-30. Use this phase to adapt your New Moon plans and take action.

Leo 2020: Tarot Timings

Tarot Timings are based on the Sun’s transit through the three decans of each sign of the zodiac.

Info on each of the decans (represented by the minor arcana cards) is here: Leo 2020Tarot Timings

The first decan of a sign always carries the purest energy of the sign, with the first two and a half degrees the strongest of all.

This pure Leo energy is majestic, proud, and can be quite dramatic. Unless life has handed this Leo some shattering blows, this decan is quite self-assured.

This is the decan of bosses and “my way or the highway.” Behind every threat is a tender babe needing love and a little attention.