New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Moon in Capricorn and a fruitful Solar Eclipse. The eclipse marks an emphasis or a turning point that can lead to Major (capital M) changes in our lives, especially if it hits an important point in our chart (sun, moon, etc.).

Solar Eclipse effects can last up to 6 months (or longer). It’s worth noting the time frame if you make New Year Resolutions or if you choose a word for the year. Speaking of word of the year, Capricorn is all about grounding, achievement, and success. 

Timing of the Eclipse:

Those of us in the Central Time Zone and points west will greet the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the night of December 25th. Those of us in the Eastern Time Zone or points east, the New Moon/Solar Eclipse is on the morning of December 26th. Celebrate to your heart’s content no matter which day you choose.