Sun in Libra ~ Moon in Aquarius

October 17-19, 2018.
Moon enters Aquarius @ 3:36am October 17th.

This pairing could be the inspiration for John Lennon’s “All we need is love.”

The pairing of Libra, the relationship expert, and Aquarius, the champion of the people, teaches us that the world is our tribe. This is the pair that always has an extra chair to pull up to the table, opening their heart to those who are unusual or alien.

Riotous Affair: Venus in Scorpio can’t make an immediate connection with Moon in Aquarius on the evening of the 17th. It takes major negotiating skills and plenty of patience to come to terms. The thing that can make this a simmer instead of a boil is that Venus, as the Libra Sun’s ruler, is acting as ambassador to Scorpio. The key to making it work is seeing all sides of an issue and creating a treaty of friendship.


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