Freebie: October Quick-View Lunar Calendar

To celebrate the festive month of October, I have a fun freebie for you—Auntie Moon’s Quick-View Lunar Calendar. It’s a sample of the 2019 Quick-View calendar that I’m still working on and hope to have available by early November.

What makes this calendar better than your average lunar calendar? Nothing. It’s just laid out a little differently. Here are the features explained:

  1. The Moon signs are sorted by sign. Need to know when the Moon is in Gemini this month? Go to the Gemini column and read down. The dates are listed and the time of ingress is noted below the dates. Ingress is the time that the Moon changes signs.
  2. The Void of course table is clearly displayed, as are the Moon phases, also with time of ingress.
  3. Major events have their own table with the Moon signs noted. Samhain/Halloween has a Leo Moon sign this year. Parties and celebrations should be very festive and fun under this entertaining sign. It’s a great time for proudly displaying photos of ancestors and some of their beloved keepsakes that have been handed down to you.
  4. Live—Laugh—Love days are easy to find. These are days when the Moon is in a supportive relationship with the Sun, Jupiter, or Venus.
  5. Last but not least—seasonal decorations! Yayyyy

There’s also a note about a very special day when the Sun, Moon, and Neptune are in grand trine aspect. Magical!

If you’re looking for a specific sign/phase time for magickal workings, they’re easy to find in the two sign and phase tables.

Here’s how the Moon Signs table works: When does the Moon move into Leo? Go to the Leo column and note the first date, then the time. In this example, the Moon enters Leo at 5:13pm (ET) on the 3rd. Any time before that on the 3rd, the Moon is in Cancer. Keep reading down the column and you’ll find the Moon is also in Leo on the 30th and 31st.

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  1. Fabulous, as always, CJ! Just love what you do so very much. Blessed be! 😉

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