Sun in Libra ~ Moon in Scorpio

October 10-12, 2018
Moon enters Scorpio at 12:09 am Oct. 10th

This pair smolders in the most delicious and tempting ways.

Care to engage in some fair-minded, but firm decision making? If we can avoid temptation, we can look at both sides of an issue by engaging levelheadedness and strong intuition before committing. The drive to find the truth is extraordinary.

Charmed: The Moon in Libra joins Venus in Libra in the early evening of the 10th to deliver charm and mutual admiration. With Venus currently retrograde, reconsider the urge to jump head first into past relationships. Most, though not all, are in the past for good reason.

Power Hour: The Scorpio Moon is in an easy relationship with Pluto in Capricorn on the morning of the 11th bringing out the detective in both Scorpio and Pluto. Intuition is in full throttle mode.

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