Full Moon in Gemini, December 3, 2017

The Moon enters Gemini on the 2nd and reaches fullness on Sunday, Dec. 3rd. This won’t be the happiest of Full Moons, but we can try and make the most of it anyway.

A Gemini Moon is a thinking Moon and, with an opposition to Venus, unfulfilled romantic wishes or finding a shortage of cash in the season made for shopping could aggravate her and send her thinking about what was (or wasn’t) instead of what might be.

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, turns retrograde on the third which could stress this already nervous Moon even more. Review during a retrograde is always good, but not if all you’re doing is beating yourself up.

This Full Moon is also in a stressful (square) aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Faith in her dreams could falter or she might be fooled into thinking that she’s made all the wrong choices. Don’t buy into that. Wait for the fog to lift before you buy what’s being sold right now.

This is a Moon that seeks clarity and definition, but there could be lots of cosmic chatter making it difficult to hear the right message. Take some stress relieving deep breaths and sleep on any important choices.