Moon Talk Plus November 5-11, 2017

Sorry I’ve been away for a while. I’ve had too many things to distract me, including a broken foot. I’m on the mend, though, and ready to get back to some good ol’ Moon Talk plus other stuff. And please bear with me while I redesign my website. It’s a mess at the moment, but changes are underway.

While on the mend, I’ve been working on a calendar for 2018 that has all kinds of goodies to help guide us through the cosmic mishmash of planets, moon signs and phases, tarot, numerology, flowers, crystals and anything else that seems appropriate or fun. Everything on this printable planner page is explained in this post.

In the past I’ve experimented with the daily vibes, tarot-lunar calendars, new moon workbooks, and a host of other goodies. So now I’m combining them all into one weekly calendar. Download a free printable in pdf form here or by clicking on the pic below.

Signs, Phases and Tarot

The weekly planner page is a condensed version of everything in this post. Let me know what you think. Is something missing that you would enjoy being a part of the calendar? Is it too much? Not enough? Just right?

We are already in the second deacon of Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto with this deacon (10-20°) throwing some Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune energy into the mix. It’s a real cosmic goulash.

The major arcana card for Scorpio is Death. The tarot card for these degrees of Scorpio is the 6 of Cups, one of the sweetest cards in the deck IMO.  When they’re paired they may indicate an end to innocence or childish ideas or a realization that fairy tales don’t always come true. That doesn’t mean we have to stop believing or lose faith (the Pisces deacon). The true test of faith is to face adversity and continue to believe, even if your original belief has changed a bit or survived it’s own death and is now resurrected in another form.

The week starts in the Full phase under a Gemini Moon. The sign and phase change to Cancer and the disseminating phase on Tuesday the 7th. The disseminating phase encourages us to share what we know, spread some seeds that may sprout and flower elsewhere on our journey.

The 7th also happens to be astrological Samhain, the time that the Sun reaches 15° Scorpio, or 45° into the season of autumn. Yes, we’ve already gotten through half the season and it still feels like summer here in the south. The card for Samhain this year based on the day’s Moon sign is the 10 of Swords (third deacon of Gemini). These are the Gemini/Mercury degrees with an influence from Aquarius, Uranus, and Saturn. I think it’s a nice complement to the cards of this Scorpio deacon. That guy in the 10 of Swords is awaiting a resurrection of his own, not unlike those folks in the Death card. Once he reasons, either through Saturnian or Uranian logic and insights, what he needs to do, he can get back up on his feet, reinvent himself, and round the curve on the great spiral of life. The 10 reinvents itself as the 1 (Ace of the Tarot), full of possibilities.

If you would like to observe astrological Samhain, you can do so with all the tips and tricks you had for Halloween, minus the trick-0r-treating, of course. That would definitely be frowned upon by the neighbors.

The Moon moves into Leo on the 9th and becomes a third quarter Moon on the 10th. The third quarter once again echoes the theme of death and resurrection in this week’s tarot cards. It’s “crisis of consciousness” time. What do we need to hold on to, and what do we need to let go? Letting go allows the natural demise of something that has finished its course. As we draw closer to the Balsamic Moon next week, we start to dream about new things replacing the things we have released before the New Moon.

Live, Laugh, Love Days


The Cancer Moon trines the Scorpio Sun on the 8th. Inner and outer worlds are in harmonious support of each other.


Jupiter sextiles the Moon on the 7th, too, adding humor to an already affable mood.


The Moon is in easy aspect to Venus (who just moved into Scorpio) on Tuesday the 7th and Saturday the 11th. This friendly, loving aspect is a time of getting along, compromising to everyone’s advantage, and lighthearted moods.

Flowers and Crystals

Crystals for November are the topaz (birthstone) and citrine (star stone). These golden hued stones support the color of the number 3, yellow, which also represents cheerfulness. Topaz is associated with wealth, as is Scorpio’s ruling planet Pluto who is the Lord of Riches. Citrine is a good stone for releasing bad habits or addictions. It was once associated with opulence and wealth, like it’s Scorpio cousin, the topaz.

The flower for November is the chrysanthemum. It represents sensitivity, secret love, optimism, and cheerfulness.

Gardeners Note: The third/last quarter is great for planting perennials, shrubs, and trees if your weather is still good.

Numerology for November

November is a #3 month in 2017. The three brings creativity, optimism, and a cheerful outlook. It has an affinity with jolly Jupiter and encourages us to be our most authentic self, without being timid or ashamed of who we are. Express yourself!

You can see the number for each day along the center column of the planner page. The color for the day, associated with the number, is on the right hand side of the first column. Try to include the color of the day in something to connect emotionally with the number: color of clothing, crystal, flowers, anything that helps you attune to the number’s energy. The meaning of the numbers 1-9 are:

1 ~ Beginning, Individuality, Leadership
2 ~ Duality, Partnership, Union
3 ~ Creativity, Expression, Growth
4 ~ Process, Stabilization
5 ~ Change, Freedom, Sensation
6 ~ Sharing, Family, Community
7 ~ Rest, Truths, the Mysteries of Life
8 ~ Success, Power, Achievement
9 ~ Compassion, Selflessness, Completion

Please drop me a line or leave a comment and let me know if you like the planner page or have suggestions for it.

Have a fabulous week!