The Wishing Moon of Leo and Ideas for your Leo New Moon Ritual

Did you ever wish you had a do-over? Maybe you went through something and, when it was all over and you thought of things you could have done, you said to yourself, “I wish I’d… ”

Well, this New Moon you get to put those could’ve should’ve would’ves to work because this New Moon is a Wishing Moon.

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    • Food and Drink
  • Manifest Your New Moon Dreams Workbook

Wishing Moon

Let me say up front that “Wishing Moon” is not a real type of Moon, like a Blue Moon or a Black Moon. It’s a term I personally and lovingly use to sprinkle some fairy dust on the second New Moon of a sign. It’s a special Moon for anyone who has ever sat out in the dark, or stared out a window into the night, and made the wish of all wishes.

Whatever our intentions, wishes, or dreams were when the Moon was in Leo last July get an opportunity to be renewed, revamped, replayed. Someone once asked me when the Moon was in retrograde. That’s impossible. The Moon is never retrograde. The Sun isn’t, either. But, you know, if it were possible, this type of lunation ~ the second in a sign ~ just might come the closest.

So we get an opportunity for a do-over but like all do-overs, it’s never identical. Things have to change. This Leo Lunation’s phases start in different signs than last month’s, so we adapt our phase work to those signs.

It’s not just a Wishing Moon, though, it’s also a Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse

The Leo New Moon of August is quite a show stopper. Not only is it the second New Moon in Leo, it’s also a solar eclipse. This first Leo New Moon was at 00 Leo 44. This New Moon, the second Leo Lunation, is at 28 Leo 53, 2:30pm EDT. The Solar Eclipse precedes this New Moon by only six minutes at 2:24pm. The next day, August 22, the Sun moves into Virgo at 6:21pm EDT.

Even though this New Moon is within a degree of Virgo, it is still 100% a Leo Moon. If you feel that it has more of a Virgo feel to it, you are tapping into the energy of the Sun’s entry into Virgo the day after the lunation, not the New Moon Leo energy. I explain this further in this Lunation’s workbook.

The New Phase, the time when we are weighing our options and planting our New Moon seeds, lasts through August 25th, 4:57am EDT.

Ideas for your New Moon Ritual

Each of the New Moon workbooks has suggestions for New and Full Moon rituals: candles and colors, gems and crystals, flowers, food and drink. Here are suggestions for this New Moon:

Candles and Colors

Use candles in the colors of Leo or fire ~ orange, yellow, tan, blue. You can always use a white or black candle for the New Moon. It doesn’t have to a big candle, either. I’ve used Chanukah and larger-sized birthday candles for quick rituals. Dress the candles with your favorite essential oil for the New Moon’s sign.

Added Note: I like to use two candles, one black and one white, on the equinoxes. That would be a good choice for the Solar Eclipse, too. Using two candles to designate the second New Moon in a sign is also something special to add to your ceremony.

Gems and Crystals

Rubies are the birthstone for July Leos and Peridot for August Leos. The ruby is steeped in legend and magical lore. It’s believed to bring passion, tenderness of heart, and healing from past hurts, among many other things.

The green Peridot is stone of healing associated with the heart chakra. It is believed to be a stone to heal the ego and to ward off darker moods resulting from fear.

Stones in Leo’s colors are great choices: citrine, topaz, and tiger’s eye, of course. Sunstone is another excellent choice.


Among the many Leo flowers are those that bloom in July and August. The most obvious are big, bold Sunflowers. Dahlias, daisies, marigolds, and flowers in sunny colors make a beautiful addition to your table or altar.

Food and Drink

Foods of Leo include all foods falling under the rulership of the Sun. (See “Tools for the Journey” in the workbook for more foods of Leo.)

For the first Leo lunation of 2017, suggested food and drink were brownies, chamomile tea, honey, and golden milk. They are great choices anytime the Moon is Leo.

For this Leo lunation, the second one of 2017, try a cup of caffeine-free Honeybush tea ~ a naturally sweet, red tea from the eastern cape region of South Africa. The name Honeybush comes from the plant’s honey-scented flowers.

If you’d like a more dramatic drink for Leo, a mimosa definitely fits the sign: partially fill a champagne glass with orange juice and top with champagne.

A summer cooler with pomegranate juice and seltzer is a great Leo mocktail.

Need Help with the Leo Lunation?

What possibilities does the New Moon hold for you? What do you want to happen? Can you make it happen?

I think you can.

But there’s a hitch. It takes daily diligence and commitment.

It’s easy to set intentions at the New Moon. But it’s not always so easy to see them through to the end. By using daily intentions, you stand a far better chance of seeing some solid results by the Full Moon.

If you make New Moon wishes or set intentions for every lunation only to see them drift away or be forgotten, working with Daily Intentions can help you stick to your plan, accomplish your goals, and realize your dream.

By using the method outlined in the New Moon Dreams workbook, you can easily set daily intentions and make daily progress toward realizing your New Moon goals.

Buy Now $5.50

See some sample pages and the contents of the 46-page workbook here.

Special to the Leo Lunation

  • Leo, the Lion (At Home, Work, Love, in the Garden, New and Full Moon summaries)
  • Leo Lunation Moon Phases
  • Solar Eclipse in Leo
  • Late Degree New Moons
  • There’s Something Different about this Full Moon
  • Leo Self-Care Checklist
  • Tools for the Leo Journey (people, places, things, and more)
  • Ideas for Your Leo New Moon Ritual: Candle, Gems and Crystals, Flowers, Food and Drink
  • Tarot of Leo
  • Tarot Moon Magic for Leo
  • Meditation and Relaxation Coloring Page for Leo
  • Recommended Video: Heart Chakra
  • Full Moon in Pisces: Pisces Moon Water, Ideas for your Full Moon Ritual, Tarot for Moon in Pisces























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