Moon into Gemini

June 21, 6:45pm – June 23rd, 6:08pm EDT

The Moon in Gemini is a mentally active period, bringing new inspiration to the mentally creative. Words and messages come in all forms and will work in tandem with your own Moon and Mercury signs. How do you filter those messages? How do you respond to those words? Are they accurate and factual or do you have a knack for spinning them?

If you’re wishing for a little luck, you can find it on the 22nd when the Gemini Moon is in a harmonious trine aspect with Jupiter in Libra. It’s the laugh in what I call Live, Laugh, Love Days in the monthly planner.  Jupiter loves a good laugh and so does Gemini. It’s a nice combination and holds the potential to deliver an amusing afternoon.

It can also be considered a lucky period as long as you’re not pushing too hard. Go with the flow and keep it real.

Gemini Days, Monthly Planner for Cancer

Another interesting period is midday on the 23rd when the Gemini Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries. Uranus is happy to bring something new to the table and Gemini’s mind is most often open, so who knows what wondrous things might appear.

The Moon departs Gemini for Cancer on the 23rd, when she is new at 10:32pm EDT. Start designing your New Moon ritual and meditating on your New Moon dreams tonight under the Old Moon.

Tools for the Cancer Journey

Cancer New Moon Dreams Workbook








Monthly Planner for Cancer 2017








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