Tarot for the Taurus Lunation, The New Phase

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the tarot and astrology. It struck me today (on the New Moon in Taurus) that it might be interesting to work through this lunation one phase at a time using cards associated with the beginning of each phase. A New Moon likes to start something new and Taurus likes things she can put her hands on, like these cards, so here goes.

The cards are not drawn randomly. Each card is associated with specific degrees of the zodiac. The first card is the minor arcana card associated with the degree of the New Moon. It gives a look at the current circumstances. The second card is the Court Card associated with that degree and acts as a person who can guide us through the phase. The third card is a Major Arcana card that is associated with the degree. This card is a hidden factor and an unacknowledged driving force.

The deck I’ll be working with this month is Tarot of the Old Path with artwork by Sylvia Gainsford, published by U.S. Games in 1992. It is available in English and Spanish at Amazon and other bookstores.

Taurus Lunation

The Major Arcana card for Taurus is the The High Priest/Hierophant. Like Taurus, he represents tradition and conventionality. Being in a position of religious power, he serves as a bridge between the physical world and divine law. The fixed nature of Taurus makes the sign slow to embrace change, preferring the tried and true which gives her a sense of security and durability. Security and durability are the backdrop against which the other cards of this lunation play out. A question for this lunation is “How do I secure what I have, see it grow, and not become stingy or greedy about my possessions?”

The New Phase ~ Choose Your Path

Card 1, The Current Circumstances: The New Moon occurred at 6° Taurus illustrated by the 5 of Pentacles, one of the most precarious cards in the deck. It shows us how fleeting security can be. As the sign associated with money, our physical health can be closely tied to our ability to take care of our bodies and have access to healthcare. But we must be able to pay for those things. There is great hardship here and little in the way of comfort. Taurus has an intense need for physical comfort, so finding herself in this position is extremely frightening. Possible questions to ask during this phase are:

  • Can you afford what you want during this phase?
  • Are you physically able to get what you want?

Card 2, The Guide: The Queen of Pentacles as the guide for this phase is extremely different from the minor card representing Taurus. This is a woman who appears to have wealth which allows her to indulge in all the physical comforts that please her. She can be the Earth Mother, nurturing the hearth, home, and even the planet. She has hands-on experience. On the other side of those beautifully manicured hands, we just might find a callous or two from the physical works she does. She might be an artist, a banker, or a gardener, among other things. (Check the People, Places, and Things in the New Moon Workbook.) Some possible questions are:

  • Who is a role model that can serve as a guide for this phase to teach me about attaining financial security?
  • What steps can I take to be like the Queen of Pentacles, nurturing the hearth, home, and planet?

The New Phase asks us to set a course for the person we want to be and the work we are willing to undertake to get there.

Card 3, The Hidden Factor: How do we move from the destitution of the 5 of Pentacles to the security and comfort of the Queen of Pentacles? Mastery/The Chariot is the hidden factor and unacknowledged driving force. We have to master our goals one step at a time. This is a wonderful metaphor for the lunation cycle as a whole. One phase builds upon another. Whatever your New Moon goals may be, set your mind to it wholeheartedly. As the card of cardinal Cancer, The Chariot is motivated and bold when it comes to protecting all that is dear to her. She feels that the safety and security of her children, family, and tribe is in her hands and she is not afraid to step up for them. Responsibility for those under her care motivate her to provide for all their physical and emotional needs.

  • What about your New Moon goals and intentions urges you to act in a protective manner?
  • How far will you go for those under your care?


This New Moon phase is a tiny seed that you hold in your hands. Hold your dream gently, love it, nurture it, watch it grow. Take everything one step at a time. Don’t allow feelings of inadequacy, lack of privilege, or physical barriers hold you back. Taurus says, “I Have.” Save what you earn during this phase, and don’t forget that there are all kinds of currency.

Next Up: The Crescent Phase begins on April 29th at  24° Gemini.

Need Help with the Taurus Lunation?

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