A Content Balsamic Moon in Sagittarius

balsamic-sagittariusThe Sagittarius Moon is quite content today with trines to Uranus, Jupiter (her ruler), Saturn, and Venus. A trine to Uranus brings insights. The conjunction with Saturn is grounding and practical. The last aspect before the void period begins is a sextile to Venus, increasing the potential for camaraderie and shared ideas.

Jupiter and Sagittarius are known as the prophets of the zodiac. In the dreaming phase at the Balsamic Moon, use the Sagittarius Moon help you dream a New Moon dream.

Today’s Intention: Make a pillow spray to encourage prophetic dreams.

capricorn-cover-smallNew Moon in Capricorn WorkBook

This New Moon workbook takes you way beyond forming a New Moon wish or setting an intention. By using daily intentions, every day of the lunation becomes a support system for your New Moon dream. Using the Moon’s sign and phase each day will keep you connected, encouraging you to take a tiny step toward reaching your New Moon dream.

This workbook Includes a special ritual for Capricorn and suggestions for creating your own Capricorn New Moon rituals.

If you tend to get off track and lose sight of your New Moon Dream as the days pass by, this workbook can keep you connected through the entire lunation and guide you through the process.

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