“Blended Pleasure” ~ 3rd Decan Cancer

The 4 of Cups, “Blended Pleasure,” is the tarot card for 20-29.59° degrees Cancer. The sun travels through these degrees July 12-22 this year.

This is the Pisces decan, influenced by Neptune. If you were born during this decan or have planets or points in these degrees, the 4 of Cups is a birth card for you, symbolizing an important transit of the Sun to those planets or points.

If your sun is in this decan, Happy Solar Return! You are the Mystic Crab.

robin wood 4cups“Moonchildren must break any illusions that Neptune brings to this decan. Here we have the mystic, the super-attuned, or the mesmerized crab. Neptune’s influence produces a veil that the crab must tear to clearly see what waits on the other side.” (Third Decan Cancer, the Mystic Crab.)

Moon in Cancer is the astrological signature of the card. The Moon is in its home sign and at its most changeable in Cancer. Anyone with this placement (or several planets in Cancer) will understand why it feels like “blended pleasure.” One minute you’re happy, another you’re fretting, and another has you exhilarated or in tears.

The number assigned to this card is 4, similar in energy to Saturn. Working with the positive energy of Saturn can be very grounding to the unpredictable Moon.

If you have a #4 Life Path, Name, or Soul Number, this is one of your birth cards. If you are in a #4 year, this card can symbolize a stabilizing process influencing important matters.

(Image: Robin Wood Tarot)