Ritual for the Full Moon in Leo ~ Triple Threat

There are some amazing actors in the performing arts. There are also some absolutely incredible singers, and dancers that can take your breath away. Sometimes, you come across someone who is talented and skilled in all three areas. That’s a triple threat. They can sing, they can dance, they can act. They can do it all.

While the dramatic Moon in Leo is on full display, discover how you’re a triple threat. You’ll be working with three talents or skills that you are proud of, things you like people knowing about you, and that you love doing.

For this ritual you will need:

  1. 3 Candles ~ one for each talent or skill
  2. Matches or lighter
  3. The Triple Threat sheet from this post
  4. Pen or pencil
  5. Any decorations or embellishments you like

This ritual is primarily for your enjoyment. Leo is the sign of joy ~ little kid unfiltered joy ~ like that young rascal in the Sun tarot card. There’s a second reason for the ritual, and that’s to pump your ego up a bit. We’ve all heard about Leo’s ego. Well, we need a healthy ego and it’s okay to indulge it sometimes. Believe me, people will let you know when you’ve taken it over the top.

Before the ritual, print out the Triple Threat page or draw three large circles on a piece of paper.

Begin the ritual by securing a quiet space where you will be uninterrupted. Put on some music that makes you happy, that lifts your spirits. Light your candles. Think about something you love doing and know you’re good at. Write that down in one of your circles.

(If your music has you wanting to dance by now, get up and dance! You can come back to your other two circles. The main thing with this ritual is to have some fun while you’re doing it.)

When you’re ready, fill in the second circle with your second threat ~ another thing that makes you a star! And then, fill in the third circle.

If you want to make this ritual even more fun, pretend that you are in front of an audience making an acceptance speech for being The Best ________.  (Can you decide which of your threats is your favorite? No? Make three speeches! )

Make up a name for your award. Gardeners might use garden tools or flowers for inspiration (The Golden Spade and Trowel award), cooks might like Best Performance by a Rolling Pin, and accountants might accept the Golden Scales for best balanced books. You get the idea. I really want you to enjoy yourself!

When you’ve had all the fun you can handle, take a final bow, and blow out your candles. Put your Triple Threat page someplace that you’ll see it ~ maybe on the refrigerator so anyone else can see it, too. And don’t forget to love yourself tonight, tomorrow, and day after day.

P.S. You might want to spend some time during the ritual or in the next few days to decorate your Triple Threat sheet. Make it showy! Pull out the glitter and glue. Get a little sparkle on yourself.

P.S.S. If you make Moon water, you could decorate your jar in a similar way. Add some glitter and you’ve got Leo Lunar Gold!

Happy Full Moon!