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Are you missing out on daily Moon news? I post a short update on the Auntie Moon Face Book page every day that includes lunar sign changes and aspects. There may also be info on the Moon and numerology, planetary news, or a daily card draw. Every day is different. The day always ends with a gorgeous picture of the Moon that fits the evening’s Moon sign.

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Lunar Update for January 27, 2015

It’s an up and down day for today’s first quarter Taurus Moon. Just when it’s time to take some solid steps, she finds herself moving one step forward, one step back. At least it’s not two steps back.

She sextiles Mars this morning, receiving a boost of energy to start the day. Luna likes to linger in Taurus, so she’ll seem a bit perkier than usual under the Martian call to hurry up. Around noon, she squares Mercury Rx. Did you really hear what you thought you heard? Did those words really come out of your mouth? Slow down to sort it out.

Midday brings a divine trine to Pluto, and once again the mood is more confident and sure. Later tonight, squaring Jupiter, the Taurus Moon is rattled yet again. Is it possible to gain footage by remaining still?

healingwithfairiesraisingyourstandards 001Daily Draw

The card for today’s Taurus Moon is “Raising Your Standards” from the Healing with the Fairies deck. All the earth signs are concerned with material things. Capricorn demands quality. Virgo appreciates detail. Taurus, the collector of the zodiac, is sandwiched between the two and often faces the dilemma of choosing between quantity and quality.

While the Moon is in Taurus, survey your world to see where quantity has surpassed quality. Sometimes, less is more. What do you need to purge? Where do you need to trim the fat? Raising your standards today may bring you greater pleasure and wealth tomorrow.

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