When You Were a Kid

I love Plinky Prompts. It’s a site that asks the best questions, and sometimes they’re very attuned to the zodiac sign of the times. Here’s one I got in my email recently:

When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did it happen?

Great question for Leo and the 5th house, right?

When I was a kid, I just knew I wanted to be a housewife. I know, I know. But things were different then. (And I do love housewifery, even to this day.)

The main thing is that what I was actually doing when I was a kid was writing ~ poetry, very short stories, and little plays. Oddly enough, I’ve got Gemini on my 5th house (and Moon in the 3rd). People are divided on whether or not blogging is writing and I’ll leave that up to others to decide. But I’ve always loved words and found them to be some of the best fun I could have ~ writing them, learning their meanings, acting them out in plays, word puzzles, puns, jokes, anything to do with words.

What’s the sign on your 5th and does it have anything to do with what you wanted to be when you grew up? Did it happen?

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  1. I have Leo in the 5th house too (and Pluto!). (duh) when I was 5, i wanted to be all the typical stuff; a ballerina, a princess, a nurse, (a cat). I wanted to get married and have 8 kids. As a little kid, I did love to draw and that never changed!
    I did have two children, I did get married and a wonderful marriage it was too.

  2. I wanted to be many things when I grew up–teacher, minister, psychiatrist, and writer–and what I am doing contains elements of all of them. To a certain extent, my Scorpio on the fifth of an empty house, could reflect psychiatry and my secret wish to be an author of mystery novels. Donna

        1. Wow, Patrice! That’s amazing. I didn’t have a clue what astrology was when I was a kid.

  3. Hmmmmmm Gemini. Where Jupiter happens to be right now. As I kid I wanted to work with animals, fashion designer, dancer…those are what I recall. In college I LOVED my sociology and psychology classes. However, I ended on this path of business which is sucking my soul. At middle age am considering more and more going back to school to study psychology. Of course, have been told by many a astrologer to write. Ah, but what to write, what to write….nothing calls me.

  4. I have scorpio ruling empty H5 & N pluto leo in H2…
    I both loved & was puzzled by needlecrafts..It seemed magical how skeins
    of yarn…became ‘things’

    I grew up to eventually be an established crafts designer !


  5. 5th house in Gemini with no planets.
    When I was 4-5 yrs old, I wanted to be an astronaut or a firewoman. Later in childhood, I wanted to be a marine biologist working with whales or a writer.

    Now I am a software developer who writes code all day and has a blog plus an active twitter stream.

    1. That’s certainly using the Gemini word skills, E. And in more than one language. Code is wayyy beyond me.

  6. My 5th begins in Libra and ends in Scorpio, and includes a nicely aspected Lib/Neptune there. Astrodotcom says “You like to express yourself through your imagination by playing with beautiful fantasies and dreams.” & “In its highest expression, this position means that you derive pleasure from helping others.”
    At five and six I spent time with little-er kids in the neighborhood, showing them how to spell & read by using the stories I wrote down.
    Now a-days I’m an Author and Creativity Coach. Who says childhood dreams don’t come true

    1. And the recent Saturn conj N. Neptune saw the realization of a dream, too, EJ. PUBLICATION!!

  7. My 5th house begins in Sagittarius, but the larger part of it is in Capricorn, and I have Moon and Venus there (both in Cap) with lots of aspects to them. So the 5th house theme is not fully clear to me yet. Hope it will be developing in the course of life.
    As a child I wanted to be a teacher and have become one! Only I never ‘practiced’ on younger kids – I played ‘school’ with my dolls. And I am a college teacher, not a school teacher.

    1. Sagittarius is the sign of the teacher, Tuta. What do you teach, and what does creativity does Venus represent?

      1. I teach EFL (English as a Foreign Language) at a teacher training college.

        As for Venus – she also squares Pluto retrograde in the 3rd Libra and forms a sextile to Uranus which is in Scorpio. Now that I think of her as a source of creativity, it seems that she drives me to do things my own way, which often must appear weird to people. Anyway, things haven’t been very smooth in the relationships and romance department, but neither have they been boring :D.

  8. I Loved your post. The site sounds like fun (I am a Leo with a Taurus rising) When I was a kid I was doing crafts and drawing, dancing and growing plants. Learning about animals (especially horses and dogs) and drawing them. Later in school the writing came. I never thought I wanted to be married. But I did dream of a house full of kids and young people (and I have that now) But when I DID get married I was so surprised that I LOVED being a wife and mother. I let “me” go, and was all consumed. I stopped drawing and learning about plants and animals… Until it became clear that I loved those things as much as breathing, My life took a different path until this moment in time where I am forced to go back to being “me”..with some not so easy, happy lessons. Just after high school, a friend and I discovered Astrology….but we delved so deep into it, it sacred us and it was let go, (for decades) until the past few years for me…and I can see that (I am very novice in this) that Saturn (I think) is teaching that lesson and getting me back to where I should be…there are other lessons of course..Leo being my 4th house..I am forced to come through a deep deep depression (life lessons) to see my house needs a lot of work…I can’t think about time lost (or opportunities missed, or roads that led me so far away from “me”) that does serve anyone well, I can only move forward.. But I can say that my re-interest in Astrology is what is bring me back to where I belong…

    1. Saturn always has a lesson to teach, Janie, even when we’re in good spirits about it. His reputation precedes him. 🙂

      Astrology is such a useful tool. So good for centering us and showing lots of possibilities.

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