Life’s a Head Game

limited thinking I feel like life is an ever evolving plasma that I’m suspended in. Sometimes I can manipulate the plasma a little bit and sometimes I just have to float. I’ve been floating for the past few months and that’s tiresome now, so I need to take a shot at manipulating the plasma.

For someone with a western emphasis in her chart, that can be harder than it sounds. Folks with an emphasis on the western hemisphere (the right hand side of the chart) are folks that things are more likely to happen to. We’re the responders. People with an eastern emphasis (the left hand side of the chart) are instigators, initiators. They’re more adept at making things happen. They give responders something to respond to.

Have you ever seen the movie Orlando or read the book by Virginia Woolf? Orlando has to adapt in the most unusual ways over several centuries. After very, very long sleeps, Orlando not only wakes up in a new place, but in a new body with a new gender. If you’ve contemplated change over long periods of time and suddenly found yourself in a new world that you have created or that has been thrust upon you, you are Orlando.

Mintelligence withinaybe eastern hemisphere types create their worlds and western types have a new world thrust upon them. If planets are scattered around the wheel, there’s a good chance you can handle both. What do you think about that?

Whether eastern or western, we’re faced with the same task ~ thrive in the world we’re in. That’s where the head game comes in. We’ve all played this game and we’re all darn good at it. We see what we want to see and find what we’re looking for whether that’s good stuff or lousy stuff. Affirmations are supposed to help us stay on the path. Mantras can serve as guides in getting where we want to be. Prayer. Resolve. Proper support. Use the tools that work for you. It’s a process.

It all starts with that icky, burdensome feeling of knowing that you want something to change. But what exactly? Don’t think about changing someone else. You can’t. Think only of changing something about yourself or your own life.

Really good quote by Tony Soprano ~ There’s not a geographical solution to an emotional problem, or something to that effect. As enticing as it is to run away, we take our junk with us. Dump the junk. Dump some of the junk. No one dumps all of it at once. Start small. Ask yourself this. If I could drop one thing, what would it be? Work on changing that.

If you’re a creator, start creating. If you’re a responder, start responding.

Whatever is happening out there is only a mirror of my own limited thinking.
I trust the intelligence within me.

That’s my daily draw today, and that’s my plan. If you need to change that sentence, change it. I’m changing it a little. I’m replacing intelligence with intuition. I’m calling it my watery intelligence. It’s my best guiding force and I’ve put it on the back burner in pursuit of a more linear way of responding. For someone with a lunar rating of 80 on Donna Cunningham’s planetary tests, that’s backassward!!

My first step is to reconnect with my intuition through the use of more intuitive tools. That means more oracles, tarot and dream work and less astrology for now. Astrology is what’s happening to me. I’m responding by tapping into and trusting the watery intelligence within me.

To kick start this process, I’ve created Tarot Gal, a place for free readings. It’s brand new and there’s not much there. If you’re interested in a free reading, click here. I’ll respond to as many as I can manage. It’s my hope that we all benefit.

Images from Louise L. Hay Wisdom Cards. These are the front and back of one card. Interested in purchasing this deck?

6 thoughts on “Life’s a Head Game

  1. Just to be sure i have this right, western emphasis is a lot of planets in the 6 and 7th houses and eastern would be a bunch near the ascendant?

  2. Just wanted to say that I am also feeling a much greater need to be guided by my intuition now. I even bought a new deck of Tarot cards last week. Hadn’t bought a new deck in decades. Also have been paying closer attention to my dreams and recording them in a dream journal. I had a very vivid, very insightful dream last night that brought me to several important revelations this morning. Have also been experiencing a big uptick in synchronistic type events which I take as confirmation that I am on the right path. I am looking forward to hearing about your future insights as you delve more into your intuitive nature.

    1. Buying the new deck was very telling, Patrice. I’m excited for you. It sounds like everything is in sync for you now.

      I mentioned that astrology is what’s happening to me. Pluto is trining my Moon right now, so I hope the “force is with me” on this part of the journey. Is there a standout transiting aspect that symbolizes your need to be guided by your intuition? Being able to harness the energy in a constructive way is so healing.

      I’m so glad to hear that dreams are whispering to you. What a messenger!

  3. CJ, I have transiting Saturn exactly conjunct my natal Neptune in Libra now. It’s also sextile my Pluto. Saturn providing a container for my intuitive inklings? I have also had a host of very vivid dreams the last several weeks.

    You mentioned Pluto trine your Moon now. I natally have Moon conjunct Pluto in Leo in my sixth house. I sense I have healing ability. I am also naturally talented in psychometry, something else that I am also working on developing more now.

    1. That’s an interesting observation about the Saturn/Neptune conjunction. I’ve seen this transiting conjunction showing up in charts on several occasions as lifelong dreams (goals) coming true. We don’t normally think of Saturn/Neptune aspects as easy ones because the planets operate so differently. It’s almost as though Saturn is saying, “It’s time” and letting Neptune wake up in the dream.

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