Solstice ~ An Overflowing Cup

Summer Solstice

Ace of Cups

Welcome, welcome, Lady of the South!

Let me feel your heat on my brow
And your warmth in my heart.

Come quench my thirst with your everlasting waters.
Refresh my spirit with your overflowing cup.

Lift me high so that I might touch the Moon
And see the faintest of your stars ~ your timid sirens ~
Before they are lost forever in the milk of your heavens.


Summer! Every child’s dream come true. Long days and no school. Beaches. Fireflies. Swimming pools and drives around the lake. Summer loves.

Significantly for us, this is the beginning of our astrological journey through water ~ we encounter the mother, reach the depths of all emotion, and merge again with all that is. This is the Gate of Man, Cancer, where humans incarnate into physical beings. We have become flesh. We have found a home away from home.

Out of these everlasting waters flow the milk of human kindness and the little empathies that guide us toward our return through the Gate of Heaven.

After the burst of Spring, it’s time to slow down and take it easy.

Take a cue from Southerners. Lay back, don’t get overheated, sip on something cool, and wait till it cools down a tad. 

Happy Solstice! Happy Summer!

7 thoughts on “Solstice ~ An Overflowing Cup

  1. Happy Summer !!!

    Death comes to all, but great achievements build a monument which shall endure until the sun grows cold. Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Blessings !!!

  2. As a child of Summer, and a full time day dreamer,
    I’m glad to be looking for this year’s summer ‘adventure’,
    upholding a tradition I’ve partaken in since age 6.

    What are you learning, exploring, discovering, delving into?

    Now is the perfect time to to lighten your day.

    Thank you, CJ
    for a beautiful and inspiring post.

    1. I’m lightening my day with a short vacation to get July off to a great start. I had planned to go to the Georgia coast, but have changed my plans and will be having a hot time in New York City. That’s my adventure and my way to relax, all rolled up into one.

  3. I wish I was a kid again … particularly for that whole NO SCHOOL thing… that would mean NO WORK for me, lol …

    Summer months in the Caribbean are rainy and windy, hence the Hurricane season. The days are still enjoyable however, and as a Fish myself, I kinda enjoy the rainy days and grey clouds … is that wrong?

    1. Not a bit wrong.

      We’re amping up for our hurrican season here in Georgia, too. I’m not right on the coast, but close enough to get some interesting weather ~ and travellers inland if the weather gets too bad.

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