The Best and Worst of Aries, the Ram

The zodiac signs describe how we approach various situations or engage in relationships. Aries is a masculine cardinal fire sign, which makes it the most dynamic, assertive sign in the zodiac. The Ram wants to be first off the starting line and finish first. He finds nothing appealing about being in second or third place. Whenever you approach a situation with an intense desire to get what you want, you are using the Aries energy in your chart.

We need Aries’ strong energy to accomplish our goals and overcome obstacles. At its best, Aries is courageous, assertive, and ambitious. Make the best use of your Aries skills by:

  • Taking a leadership position. Act on your ideas instead of waiting for someone else to take the lead.
  • Being assertive. Fear can stop you in your tracks. Aries won’t back down from his convictions.
  • Retaining your independence. Aries is a ram, not a sheep. You won’t find him lost in the crowd.
  • Getting out of your comfort zone. Aries is the pioneer, not the wagon train that follows.

ariesspirit2The self-confident Aries can bounce ideas off other people and then take steps that will assure his success. Comfortable with his own decisions and actions, the Ram moves ambitiously toward his goal.

Taken to the extreme, the dynamic Aries energy can turn into impulsive, intolerant aggression. Leadership turns to tyranny when Aries becomes angry, militant, pushy, and is always “in your face.” Interest in projects and relationships can fade if they are no longer seen as exciting. Lacking staying power, the restless and reckless Aries then sets out to find the next thrill, the next big score.

The Rational Ram

While “rational” may not be one of Aries’ favorite words, it can be a key to Aries’ success. Libra, a feminine cardinal air sign, is the polar opposite of Aries. Libra is rational, social, and partner-oriented. When Aries becomes too much about me-me-me, Libra balances it by drawing attention to “us” and “we.”

Planets in Aries

The outer planets are not included here. Unless they are heavily weighted in your chart, their influence is less personal.

  • When the Moon is Aries, there is an active emotional life. Moods are infused with enthusiasm and spontaneity. Quick, impulsive responses can lead to emotional flare-ups.
  • With Mercury in Aries, the mind is alert and original. The thought processes are quick and decisions are made rapidly.
  • Venus in Aries is demonstrative and passionate. Aries is attracted quickly and can lose interest just as quickly so there may be many short-lived relationships.
  • Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries. Mars here creates exceptional physical energy. Self-gratification can come at the expense of personal relationships.
  • Jupiter in Aries cries out for freedom. Interest in religion, politics, and philosophy encourages self-development and personal growth. May be overly optimistic.
  • Saturn in Aries reduces impulsiveness and increases the drive for success. Action is less spontaneous and more organized.

There is much to be admired in Aries’ courage, daring, and absolute need to be who they are—“warts and all,” as they say. Tap into your Aries energy when you are hesitant to promote yourself or your ideas. Use Aries’ spontaneity and enthusiasm to feel fully alive.

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