Retrograde Report


This is a cool report! It’s a very concise report detailing how the retrogrades impact your chart for any given year. Interpretive text is given for retrogrades of Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Jupiter through Pluto are graphed with important transit dates noted.

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Ordering Your Reports

When I receive a notice from PayPal that you have placed your order, I will contact you for your birth information. If you order and don’t receive my email in a timely manner, be sure to check your junk mail folder. Once I have your birth info, I’ll run your report and send you a pdf copy of the report.

This is the information I will ask you for before preparing your report.

  • Name you would like on the report
  • Birth Date (Month/Day/Year)
  • Birth Time (am/pm)
  • Birth Place (Town/State/Country)
  • Current Location (Town/State/Country)

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