Recommended Books and Sites

These are wonderful books by Louis Riotte on gardening by the moon:

Planetary Planting: A Guide to Organic Gardening by the Signs of the Zodiac, published in 1975. Mine is a used library copy I got through amazon.

Astrological Gardening: The Ancient Wisdom of Successful Planting & Harvesting by the Stars, 1989. This one has lots of info on vegetables, edible flowers, and even pests.

Roses Love Garlic: Companion Planting and Other Secrets of Flo9wers, 1983, revised 1998. This is a wonderful book with info on flower lore, cosmetics and fragrances, remedies, and of course, companion plantings.

Sleeping with a Sunflower: A Treasury of Old-Time Gardening Lore, 1987. This is a book to read year after year because she’s broken it down by months. Lots of really cool stuff in this one–love potions, flower wines, and Native American lore.

The Astrologer’s Memorial has a memorial page devoted to Louise Riotte. You can read her obituary published in the Daily Ardmoreite in Ardmore, OK. I have one post devoted to Louise, Libra ~ Louise Riotte, Moon Gardener. Louise was a Libra. She loved flowers.

Lunar Gardening Links

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