Personal Days

A number can be calculated for each day to spot its potential, like keeping track of the daily moon sign. You might like to note the numbers of each Personal Day on a calendar you use regularly.

Each day has a color associated with its number. Wearing the color may help you connect with the day’s energy.Wearing the day’s color may help you feel closer to the energies it addresses—try a piece of jewelry with colored stones to match each day’s color, a scarf or accessory of any kind, maybe even a few flowers on your desk to remind you of the day’s energy.

1 ~ Day of Beginnings, Individuality and Leadership

Ruled by the Sun, today is the day to shine! Be courageous, enjoy your independence, and reach for your goal. Put on those red shoes and let the world know you’ve arrived. Color: Red.

2 ~ Day of Duality, Union, and Partnership

Ruled by the Moon, this is a good day for reminiscing, engaging in one-on-one conversations, or indulging in what feeds your soul. Be patient and tolerant today, but don’t be a doormat. It is a day for empathy, sympathy, and receptivity. Color: Orange.

3 ~ Day of Creativity and Expression

Ruled by jolly Jupiter, this is the day to participate completely in the creation of joy. Seek out little moments of fun and lift the spirits of others. Express yourself! Color: Yellow.

4 ~ Day of Stability and Process

Ruled by Saturn, this day requires precision and attention to details. Be organized, practical and dependable. The work you do today should have merit, quality and durability. Color: Green.

5 ~ Day of Change, Freedom and Sensation

Ruled by Mercury, flexibility is the key today. It may be a day when your attention is pulled in many directions. Go with the flow. Color: Light Blue.

6 ~ Day of Sharing, Family and Community

Ruled by Venus, this is a day to connect with your family and loved ones, your close friends, and your community. Does someone need your attention? This is an excellent day to nurture the ones you love and beautify your environment.
Color: Indigo.

7 ~ Day of Rest, the Deeper Truths, and the Mysteries

Ruled by the planets Neptune and Uranus, today is attuned to spiritual and scientific pursuits. Try to find a few quiet moments to read, study, pray, or simply to contemplate your navel. Color: Purple

8 ~ Day of Success, Power and Achievement

Ruled by Mars, this is a good day to powerfully propel yourself toward your goal. Achievement and success can be yours. Color: Brown or rose.

9 ~ Day of Compassion and Selflessness

Pluto rules this day of transformation and rebirth. It’s a good day to be a good deed doer, helping others in even small ways. Give something away today—unused clothing or household items, a compliment, your time, or a smile.
Color: All, especially pastels.

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